Place Text Over Video to Zest up Your PowerPoint 2010 Slides

How to Change the Order Objects Will Appear or Play in PowerPoint

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When you add a text box in front of a movie clip in PowerPoint, does the movie clip jump to the front and the text is not visible? 

Here's the fix:

  • The presentation creator needs to make sure that the video is ordered to play behind the text box.
  • There needs to be some blank space left on the slide. Treat the blank space as if it was a border around the video.

How to Keep the TextBox On Top of the Video

  1. Insert the video into the presentation, making sure that there is at least some blank areas of the slide where the video does not touch. This is important -- more details on that later. (If there is no blank area on the slide, you cannot get the text box to show up during the playback of the video.)

  2. Add a text box on top of the video. The text box button is found on the Home tab of the ribbon.

  3. Right-click on the text box and change the color of the font to one that can be easily seen. Increase the font size if needed for easy readability.

  4. Right-click once again on the text box and change the fill color of the text box background to No fill, so that the background is transparent.

  5. Click on the video to select it. Using the Arrange button on the Home tab of the ribbon, change the order of the appearance of the objects on the slide if necessary, so that the video is ordered behind the text box.

  6. Now you are ready to test out the slideshow -- the next steps are the most important.

Test to Make Sure TextBox Plays On Top of the Video

PowerPoint is very particular about the sequence of how to play this video during a slide show so that the text box remains on top.

  1. Navigate to the slide containing the video.

  2. Press the keyboard shortcut Shift +F5 to start the slideshow from the current slide -- (the one with the video on it).

  3. Click in a blank area of the slide, making sure to avoid the video. The text box should appear on top of the video.

  4. Hover the mouse over the video.

  5. Press the Play button that appears in the bottom left corner of the video or simply click on the video itself. The video will begin to play and the text box will remain on top.


  • If you neglect to click on a blank area of the slide, the text box will not appear.
  • If you later click on a blank area of the slide, at the wrong time, that is when the text box will appear.