Pixelmator Pro 2.3 Update Adds Several New Features

The 'Abracadabra' update includes auto background removal and subject selection

The latest update for Pixelmator Pro, dubbed 'Abracadabra,' adds several new features to make background removal and replacement easier.

Less than a month after its big 2.2 Caramel update, Pixelmator Pro is moving up to 2.3 with its new Abracadabra update—named after the 'magical' way the new features work. The latest version adds several new ways to make editing backgrounds faster and easier using machine learning algorithms that the company says took 12 months to develop.

Background replacement

Pixelmator Team

First is the Magic Background Eraser, which can remove the background from an image with one click. A Decontaminate Colors option is also available, which will automatically remove trace background colors around the edges of the selected object.

According to Pixelmator Team, "... we trained a convolutional neural network to find the subject in pretty much any image and automatically remove its background." You'll also be able to use the Remove Background feature in the Finder app as a Quick Action.

Automatic subject selection is another significant addition, which you can use to determine the subject of an image with a click. If necessary, you can also utilize the redesigned Smart Refine feature to automatically refine a rough selection much further.

Image masking

Pixelmator Team

The 2.3 update for Pixelmator Pro is available now. There are also plans to bring these new features to the iOS version at some point in the future, according to a comment from Pixelmator Team. However, it likely won't be coming to Pixelmator Photo for the iPad since that app doesn't use layers.

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