Pixel Force Halo FAQ

What would Halo: Combat Evolved be like if it was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989? If the results were anything like programmer Eric Ruth's Pixel Force Halo for PC, it would have been pretty darn awesome. We have full details on Pixel Force Halo, including where you can download it, right here.

What Is Pixel Force Halo?

Pixel Force Halo is an 8-bit, 2D sidescroller action game along the same lines as Contra or Mega Man. It is a re-creation of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, and features all of the trademark Halo-ness we've come to love. Its got Master Chief mowing down grunts with shotguns and assault rifles, great music, and surprisingly nice graphics despite being an 8-bit game. It was created by Eric Ruth over the span of just 1 1/2 months.

How Do I Play It?

Pixel Force Halo is a stand alone PC game. It is not an NES ROM, and thus does not require any additional software to run. You just download the game for free from any number of reputable sites on the Internet, and run it.

Where Can I Download It?

You can download Pixel Force Halo from BigDownload.com (among other places) for free.

So How Does It Actually Play?

Pixel Force Halo plays remarkably similarly to classic Contra or Mega Man games. You move left to right and shoot anything that gets in your way. You pick up new weapons and ammo and can even toss grenades. The default controls mapped to the keyboard aren't exactly optimal - in fact, they sort of suck - but you can use a program called "Joy2Key" (find that download yourself) to map the commands to a controller. The game plays fantastically with an Xbox 360 pad (either a wired controller or a wireless using the Wireless Gaming Receiver). Once you get the controls sorted out, it plays surprisingly well. Definitely on par with any similar games actually released in '89, at least.

Are Microsoft or Bungie Going to Try to Take it Down?

Indications so far are that Microsoft and Bungie (especially Bungie) are totally cool with Pixel Force Halo and don't have any reason to try to take it down. It is a free download, after all, so no one is making any money off of it, and is a loving homage to one of the best game series of the last decade. Only greedy monsters would try to take something like that down!