How to Use Pixel Buds Settings

Boost the bass and more on your Pixel Buds

What to Know

  • Android 10.0 and newer: Tap Settings > Connected devices > Pixel Buds gear icon.
  • Android 9 and older: Access settings via the Pixel Buds app
  • To adjust bass: Tap Settings > Connected devices > Pixel Buds gear icon > Sound > Bass boost toggle.

This article explains how to use Pixel Buds settings, including how to adjust the audio settings and get the most out of your wireless earbuds.

How Do I Access Pixel Buds Settings?

When Pixel Buds are paired to an Android phone, the settings can be accessed through the connected devices section of the Android settings app. While you can use Pixel Buds with other devices, like computers and non-Android phones, you can only access and adjust the settings through an Android phone.

Do you have an older phone with Android 9 or older? Check for the Pixel Buds app on your home screen or apps list. You’ll need to open that app instead of following the instructions below.

Here’s how to access Pixel Buds settings:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap Connected devices.

  3. Tap the gear icon next to your Pixel Buds in the list of connected devices.

  4. From here, you can access your Pixel Buds settings. To view all options, tap More settings.

    Connected devices, Settings gear, and More settings highlighted in Pixel Bud settings

How Do I Change Pixel Buds Settings?

All of your Pixel Buds settings are accessed through the method described above if you have Android 10.0 or newer, or the Pixel Buds app if you have an older version of Android. From the settings screen, you can set up your Pixel Buds with Google’s Find Device service, adjust touch controls, change the sound settings, turn in-ear detection on and off, and adjust exactly how your phone interacts with the earbuds.

Here are the different Pixel Buds settings options, what they are, and how to use them:

  • Find Device: Set up your Pixel Buds with the Find Device service if you haven’t yet done so, or access the Find Device service if you’ve lost your Pixel Buds. You can view the last known location, or ring each individual earbud.
  • Touch Controls: Pixel Buds have touch controls, including tapping to play or pause, double tapping to skip a music track, triple tapping to repeat a track, and single tapping to answer a call. You can turn this feature off if you don’t want to use touch controls.
  • Sound: This lets you turn on bass boost or active sound, which will automatically adjust your volume based on ambient noise levels.
  • In Ear Detection: This feature will automatically pause media playback when you remove one or both earbuds. You can turn it off if you don’t like it.
  • More Settings: This option allows you to update the firmware if necessary, view a series of tips, and other miscellaneous information. It also lets you add a Pixel Buds widget to your home screen for easy future access to these settings.
  • HD Audio AAC: This is a simple toggle that lets you turn high definition audio on and off.
  • Phone Calls: If you don’t want to accept calls using your Pixel Buds, you can turn this toggle off.
  • Media Audio: If you turn this off, media will play over your phone speakers instead of the Pixel Buds.
  • Contact Sharing: This feature allows the Pixel Buds to access your contacts. If you turn it on, notifications that involve any of your contacts will be read by name instead of number.

How Do You Adjust Bass on Pixel Buds?

Pixel Buds have equalizer settings, but they’re fairly basic. You can turn on bass boost to increase the bass, and you can turn off bass boost to decrease the bass, but there are no fine controls. There is also an active sound feature that will automatically adjust the volume of your earbuds based on the ambient noise in your general vicinity.

Here’s how to adjust bass and other sound settings on Pixel Buds:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap Connected devices.

  3. Tap the gear icon next to your Pixel Buds.

  4. Tap Sound.

    Connected devices, settings gear, and Sound highlighted in Pixel Buds settings
  5. Tap the Bass Boost toggle to turn it on.

  6. For better sound in a variety of environments, also tap the Adaptive Sound toggle.

  7. If you tap the back button and turn on HD Audio: AAC, that may also improve your sound quality.

    While HD Audio: AAC can improve audio quality, it may also introduce excessive latency. If you experience sound lagging behind after activating this feature, turn it back off.

    Bass Boost toggle, Adaptive Sound, and HD audio: ACC toggle highlighted in Pixel Buds settings
  • Why won't my Pixel Buds connect to my phone?

    If you're having trouble connecting your Pixel Buds to your phone, delete the Pixel Buds from your device's Bluetooth settings and re-pair them. If you're trying to pair a replacement set of Pixel Buds, delete the old Pixel Buds from your saved Bluetooth devices list first.

  • Can I connect my Pixel Buds to multiple devices?

    Yes. You can pair your Google Pixel Buds with up to 8 devices. If you want to add more devices, you must first remove them from another device's Bluetooth settings.

  • Why is the volume so low on my Google Pixel Buds?

    If the volume is lower than usual, try resetting the Bluetooth connection. You can also adjust your phone's volume settings.

  • How do I tell when my Pixel Bud case is charged?

    The status light on the outside of the case will turn white when it is fully charged. If it's still charging, the light will be orange. The light inside of the case indicates the charging status of your Pixel Buds.

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