Pixel Buds App Gets Android Home Screen Widget

An easier way to access your Pixel Buds’ settings

Google finally is making it easier to access the settings for your Pixel Buds with a new home screen widget.

The most recent update to the Pixel Buds app adds a new widget that users can add to their Android home screen to easily access their earbuds' individual settings. 9To5Google noticed the change in the update to version 1.0.3909, and the new widget addresses a complaint that many Pixel phone users have made over the past several months.

Pixel Buds next to an Android phone running Android 12

Eriel Suarez / Unsplash

On most Android phones, the Pixel Buds app appears in the app drawer. However, on Pixel phones, the individual options for the Pixel Buds are found in the phone’s settings.

With the update, users can add a widget specifically for each pair of Pixel Buds they might have, which allows them to quickly access the settings directly from the home screen on their phone.

Users can find the widget in the widget list when customizing their home screen or head to the More Settings page in the Pixel Buds options and manually add a widget.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series with Android phone on a. wooden table


Users also can customize the name of their Pixel Buds when using the second method, which makes it handy if you have multiple pairs.

It’s unclear if Google plans to add more features to the Pixel Buds app. For now, users can at least access the settings on their Pixel Buds a little bit easier. 

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