Pixel 6 Update Improves Fingerprint Scanner

The update was made specifically to address the issue

Google released on a surprise update to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Wednesday, which it claims should improve the performance of the under-display fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint scanner is a feature that users have been having issues with since the Pixel 6 released. Previously, Google blamed the lack of response and failures on “advanced security algorithms”. Now, though, it has released an unexpected update to address the performance of the sensor and you can download it right now.

Google Pixel 6 lock screen with fingerprint sensor active


Under-display systems aren’t exactly new, though users have reported slow responses from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Additionally, many users reported that the sensor failed to read their fingerprint sometimes, and we’ve even seen reports that Pixel 6 phones could be unlocked using someone else’s fingers.

Reddit users have reported some success with the update making the fingerprint sensor more responsive when using screen protectors. However, many also reported that the scanner still fails often. Google did note that certain screen protectors can cause issues with the sensor, which is a problem we’ve seen with under-display scanners since companies like Samsung first began using them. This update seems to resolve some of the problems with the Pixel 6’s sensor.

under-display fingerprint sensor on a OnePlus smartphone

Lukenn Sabellano / Unsplash

The update has been issued in two builds for Verizon-specific Pixel 6 models, as well as the international models. It should also roll out to other models soon. You can download the update directly from Google, or check your system settings for it.

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