Pixel 6 Magic Eraser Reportedly Crashing Photos App

Multiple user reports indicate it could be an update issue

The Google Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser feature, which lets you remove people or objects from photos, looks to have received a system-breaking bug in the latest Google Photos app update.  

A multitude of Pixel 6 users across various social media platforms, including Reddit and Twitter, have reported that accessing Magic Eraser causes the Google Photos app to crash, as reported by The Verge and other outlets. 

Pixel 6

Vanja Matijevic

The issue relates to Google Photos version and, as of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be an actual fix. Google’s customer service apparatus has responded to user complaints and directed impacted users to follow troubleshooting steps on this support page.

However, many users on social media stated that following the suggested steps did not alleviate the problem. This could indicate that a software update will be incoming to fix the problem. In the meantime, experts suggest Magic Eraser users should probably disable automatic updates on the Google Photos app. 

The Magic Eraser is a nifty piece of tech that has been heavily marketed throughout Pixel 6 promotional materials and advertisements, but it has not been without its share of problems. 

In November 2021, a software update deleted the Magic Eraser from Pixel 6 phones, though it wasn’t long before Google issued a fix.

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