Pioneer Elite SX-N30-K Network Stereo Receiver - Product Profile

Pioneer Elite SX-N30 Two-Channel Network Stereo Receiver - Front and Rear Views
Pioneer Elite SX-N30 Two-Channel Network Stereo Receiver - Front and Rear Views. Images provided by Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer is well-known for its home theater receiver product lines, but back in the day, they made some really great stereo receivers.  In honor of that tradition, they have announced a modernized network-enabled stereo receiver, the SX-N30-K. Continue reading to see if it has what you might be looking for.


In terms of actual power output, the SX-N30-K is rated at 85 watts-per-channel into 2 channels with a 1% THD (measured from 20Hz to 20kHz with both channels drive).

To provide support for those power output specs, the SX-N30-K incorporates a discrete two channel amplifer with a heavy duty EI transformer, two 8,000 uf capacitors, and TI Aureus DSP (DA830) for enhanced audio quality from streaming and digital audio sources.

Physical Connectivity

SX-N30K provides 6 sets of a analog stereo inputs and set of line/preamp outputs (which can be used for audio recording or connection to an external amplifier setup), as well as a dedicated phono input for connection of turntable for vinyl record playback. Digital audio connections include two digital optical and two digital coaxial audio inputs (note: the digital optical/coaxial inputs only accept two-channel PCM - they are not Dolby Digital or DTS Digital Surround enabled).

Speaker connection options on the SX-N30-K includes two sets of left and right speaker terminals that allow for an A/B speaker configuration, as well as a line outputs for 2 powered subwoofers. A front panel headphone jack is also provided.

The SX-N30-K also includes a Zone 2 line output that can send both digital and analog sources to second location (external amplifier(s) required).

The SX-NX30-K also includes a standard AM/FM tuner.

Media Player and Network Capabilities

In addition to the traditional audio features and connectivity options, the SX-N30-K also incorporates networking and media playback capabilities normally found on many home theater receivers.

First, there is a front mounted USB port for direct connection of compatible USB devices (such as flash drives).

An Ethernet port and built-in Wifi is also provided for access to internet radio (TuneIn) and music streaming (Deezer Pandora, Spotify) as well as audio content (including hi-res audio files) from DLNA compatible devices.

Additional direct streaming from compatible smartphones and tablets is also available by built-in Bluetooth and Apple Airplay.

Control and More...

For control, the SX-N30-K comes with its own remote, but can also be controlled by the Pioneer Control App for iOS and Android.

Additional control options include 3 12-volt triggers, 2 IR sensor inputs, and IR sensor output.

In addition, it is important to point out that no video connections are provided. In order to use the SX-N30-K with video source components such as Blu-ray Disc/DVD players, cable/satellite boxes, video media streamer, you must connect your video sources directly to your TV or video projector and make a separate digital or analog audio connection to the SX-N30-K. Also, another reminder: This receiver does not have any surround sound decoding or processing capability - any audio from a video source will be heard in two-channel stereo only.

The SX-NX30-K does not have an onscreen menu that can be displayed on a TV screen from the receiver, but a menu display is accessible via the smartphone apps.

The Pioneer Elite SX-N30-K has a suggested price of $600 - Buy From Amazon.