How to Add a Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

Point your Facebook fans in the direction of your Pinterest profile

If you have a Pinterest profile, you might want to let your Facebook page fans know about it in case they're interested in following you there as well. The more Facebook fans you get to follow you on Pinterest, the more likely they'll see your pins and save them to their own boards — which could result in more saves, followers and clickthroughs.

You can add a Pinterest tab to the left vertical column of your Facebook page, which fans will be able to click on to see your latest Pinterest pins. It's easy to do thanks to a third-party app called Woobox.

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How to Add a Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page With Woobox

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

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  2. Select the pink Sign Up button in the top right and create your account.

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    Since you'll be integrating Woobox with your Facebook account, you'll be one step ahead if you create your account by selecting Sign up with Facebook. If you choose to create a regular Woobox account using your email address, you'll be asked to integrate your Facebook account later throughout the process.

  3. Once signed in to your new Woobox account, select Static Tabs at the top.

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  4. Select the green + Create a New Tab button and select Pinterest Tab from the dropdown list.

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  5. Enter your Pinterest username in the given field beside http:/

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    If you have an upgraded account, you can optionally select the Mobile Access button to turn it on and allow fans to see your Pinterest tab while on mobile. You can also select Show All Pin Boards to show your boards versus Show Pins from Pin Board to show the pins from a specific board.

  6. Select the green Save Settings button.

  7. In a new browser tab or window, navigate to your Facebook page and select the Pinterest tab that now appears in the left vertical menu.

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    A quicker way to see your new Pinterest tab is by selecting View Tab on Facebook beneath the Pinterest title on Woobox.

  8. Your boards or pins should from your Pinterest profile should now be displayed on this tab.

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    Your fans will be able to look at your boards on this Pinterest tab similar to how they can on the Pinterest platform. When they click a board, they'll stay on your Facebook page and the tab will display all the pins for that board.

    When they click on a pin, a new browser tab will open showing the pin on

    If you choose to display all your boards on your Pinterest board as opposed to the pins of a specific board, you might notice that the order of the boards may not be displayed exactly as how you have them arranged on your Pinterest profile. Unfortunately, you can't drag them around on your Facebook page's Pinterest tab the way you can on your Pinterest profile to reorder them.

Managing Your Facebook Page's Pinterest Tab

If you ever want to change something about your Facebook page's Pinterest tab, simply sign into your account at and navigate to the Static Tabs page to see your current tabs. Then select the green Edit Tab button to edit its details.

You can also select Manage > Stats at the top to see the views, visits and likes that your Pinterest tab is generating. If you ever happen to decide you want to remove you Pinterest tab altogether, just select Remove App at the top.

Woobox also lets you add tabs to your Facebook page for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can use the above instructions for each, instead selecting Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and filling in the appropriate details.

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