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Pinboard Sites Where Guys Can Share Their Manly Interests

Pinterest is commonly assumed to be a social network that mainly caters to women for being the go-to place for all things bridal, food, crafts, jewelry and women’s fashion. As a result of Pinterest's popularity with the female crowd, several smaller “Pinterest for men” sites have since popped up so that guys could start “pinning” all their manly interests to a social network that they could call their own.

Pinterest is still the biggest and most popular pinboard site, but it's not everybody's cup of tea. Even though Pinterest has grown to become one of the leading social networks that's now big enough to cater to everyone (including men), sometimes a smaller site that caters to a tighter niche is a better choice for some folks.

With that said, here are a few “manly” themed Pinterest-style sites that can help you embrace the masculine side of social pinning. The first two are very well-rounded sites with a variety of content catering to men's interests. The last three are quite raunchy!

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Gentlemint “is a place to find and share manly things.” If you visit the homepage, you’ll instantly notice the resemblance to Pinterest.

The About page says its users like share “manly” interests like cars, alcohol and other vices, food, interesting architecture, world news, fitness, pop culture and much more. You can join for free and start pinning all your manly interests right away.

This is probably the most popular Pinterest for men site out there, so if social networking is your thing, this is the one to be on. Instead of likes and repins, Gentlemint has moustaches and briefcases to represent its interactive content features. More »

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Similar to Gentlemint, Dudepins is another pinboard site to help you discover and share everything that’s manly. Instead of “pinboards,” Dudepins has “montages" that you can create to share and organize your manliest photos and videos of stuff.

It's free to join and once signed up, you can use the “pin up” button to add stuff to your montage. Dudepins has a list of categories in their top menu to help you discover great stuff like cars, fitness, sports, man caves, fashion and more. You can also repin anything from anyone else’s montage, like it or add a comment. More »

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Manteresting is the first of a few NSFW Pinterest for men sites that made this list. It has the same pinboard look, but with a darker background than the others and the majority of content being borderline pornographic.

Manteresting uses the word “nailing” (rather than "pinning") onto what’s called “benches” (rather than "boards") to keep everything organized in categories. There's also a "Nail It" tool you can use to easily nail your favorite content onto your benches while you're busy browsing the web. More »

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PunchPin is supposed to be all about "cool stuff for guys" but it's 99 percent pornography, so be warned before you click that link. There are other categories like beer, extreme sports, grilling, DIY projects, gadgets and man caves in the top menu, but clicking on any of them will likely just bring you to more porn.

So, if you're a guy who loves porn, PunchPin seems to the be Pinterest site for guys that accidentally became the ultimate NSFW Pinterest site. There's also a note at the top about — "the naughty little sister of" — which probably inspired the creators to purposefully serve the guys who continue to load PunchPin up with pornographic content. More »

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Like its name suggests, Titerest is yet another NSFW Pinterest site for men that's all about hot women and anything pornographic, of course. It's unclear at the moment whether the creators of the site are continuously updating it, so there's a chance you could run into some bugs if you decide to try this one.

At the very least, there's tons of NSFW content to browse through. There are also a few other categories like strange, funny, guns, cars and memes — but like PunchPin, most of these other categories are full of NSFW content too. More »

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