How to Pin Sites in Safari and Mac OS

Use pinned sites for fast access to the pages you use most often

Safari open on a Mac with two pins

OS X El Capitan introduced several Safari improvements, including the ability to pin your favorite websites. Pinning a website puts the site's icon in the top left section of the Tab bar, allowing you to pull up the website with just a click.

Websites you pin in Safari are live; that is, the page refreshes continually in the background. Switching to a pinned site presents the most current content available, and since it is already loaded, the site is instantly available.

These instructions apply to macOS 10.11 and Safari 9 and later.

How to Pin a Website in Safari

Site pinning only works on the tab bar. If you don't have the tab bar visible, the feature won't be available. Follow these steps to make the tab bar visible and pin a website to it:

  1. Launch Safari.

  2. From the View menu, select Show Tab Bar.

    Safari on a Mac with the Show Tab Bar option under the View menu highlighted
  3. Navigate to one of your favorite websites.

  4. Right-click or control-click the tab bar, and select Pin Tab from the pop-up menu that appears.

    The option menu for a tab in Safari with the Pin Tab button highlighted
  5. Safari will add the current website to the pinned list at the far-left edge of the tab bar. If the site has an icon, this symbol will appear on the tab.

    A pinned tab in Safari
  6. To return to the pinned site, click its tab.

How to Remove Pinned Web Sites from Safari

To remove a pinned website, right-click or command-click the pin for the site you wish to remove. Select the Unpin Tab option from the pop-up menu. To remove the tab and close the page, click Close Tab.

Options menu for a tab in Safari

Beyond the Basics of Pinned Web Sites

Pinned tabs are a part of Safari and not the current window. When you open additional Safari windows, each window will have the same group of pinned sites ready for you to access.

Pinned websites will likely prove very useful for those who make use of websites with content that is continually changing. Useful applications for pinned tabs include web-based mail services and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.