How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

The thumbtack icon lets you pin up to three comments (but not your own comments)

What to Know

  • Tap the comment you wish to pin, then tap Pin (the thumbtack icon).
  • To automatically filter comments: Three-dot menu > Turn off commenting or Hide offensive comments.
  • You can only pin up to three comments on one post, and you can't pin your own comments.

This article explains how to pin a comment on Instagram. Instructions apply to the Instagram app for iOS and Android.

How Do You Pin a Comment on Instagram?

Follow these steps to pin a comment to the top of an Instagram post:

  1. On the post, tap the Speech bubble under your the post to see the comments.

  2. Tap the comment you want to pin.

    Photo of the Colosseum, Comment icon, and comments in Instagram app
  3. Tap Pin (the thumbtack icon).

  4. Tap Pin comment. You should now see Pinned underneath the comment.

    If you change your mind later, go back to the comment and tap the Pin icon again to unpin it.

    Pin icon, Pin Comment, and Pinned comment in Instagram app

What Is a Pinned Comment on Instagram?

When you pin an Instagram comment, it stays at the top of the comments section of your post. Instagram added the pin feature as part of its efforts to prevent cyber-bullying by allowing users to highlight positive feedback.

It's also possible to hide likes on Instagram. You can hide likes on your own posts and everyone else's.

How Do I Control My Instagram Comments?

Instagram offers many options for controlling which comments people see on your posts. Follow these steps to manage or disable your comments:

  1. Go to the comments and tap the three-dot menu.

  2. You'll see different options under For this post and For all posts. To disable all comments, tap Turn off commenting. For more options, tap Hide offensive comments.

  3. Tap Hide comments to automatically filter for potentially offensive comments. These comments will appear in a separate section that can't be seen by anyone else.

    You also have the option to enable Advanced comment filtering and Hide message requests with offensive content. Tap Manage list to add specific words and phrases that you wish to filter.

    Three dot menu, Hide offensive comments, and Hide comments in Instagram app
  • How do I pin an Instagram story?

    Because stories on Instagram are meant to be up for a day and then disappear, you can't pin or save them the same way you can with comments. They will stay at the top of your feed, however.

  • Why can't I pin my comment on Instagram?

    You can only pin a maximum of three comments on a single post, so if you want to add another, you'll have to unpin one of the three first. You can't pin your own Instagram comments, unlike other platforms like YouTube.

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