How to Pin Comments on Instagram

You can't pin your own, but you can pin your followers' comments

What to Know

  • Swipe left on a comment on one of your Instagram posts. Select the Pin icon to pin the comment.
  • Repeat for a total of three pinned Instagram comments per post.
  • Web and Windows Instagram apps do not support pinning comments.

This article walks you through the process of how to pin and unpin comments on your Instagram posts. The steps for pinning an Instagram comment on this page apply to both the official iOS and Android Instagram apps.

How to Pin a Comment on Your Instagram Post

Here’s the steps for pinning a comment on Instagram.

  1. From your Instagram profile, select a post on which you want to pin a comment.

  2. Select View all comments.

  3. Scroll down or up to find an Instagram comment to pin.

    The "View all comments" option on Instagram
  4. Swipe left on the comment you want to pin.

  5. Select the Pin icon.

    Take care not to select the highlighted red garbage bin icon as this will delete the Instagram comment.

  6. The comment should now be pinned to the top of the list of comments on this Instagram post. You can now pin two additional comments if you like for a total of three pinned comments.

    The Pin option and a Pinned notation on a comment in Instagram

How Do I Unpin a Comment on Instagram?

To unpin a comment on an Instagram post and revert it back to a regular comment, all you need to do is repeat the pinning process on the same comment. Selecting the Pin icon on a pinned Instagram comment will unpin the comment.

How Many Instagram Comments Can You Pin?

You can pin up to three comments on each Instagram post. You can unpin and pin new comments as many times as you like however so there’s no need to worry about being unable to highlight potential future comments.

If you get a new comment you want to pin, all you need to do is unpin one of the three you currently have pinned before trying to pin the new comment.

Why People Pin Instagram Comments

There are several reasons why people choose to pin comments on Instagram.

  • To highlight specific users who have commented on your post.
  • To promote an account as part of a promotion or campaign.
  • To highlight comments containing important information or additional details.
  • To highlight comments you’ve replied to so that others don’t need to ask the same question.
  • To make sure toxic comments by internet trolls aren’t at the top of the comment list.
  • Can you pin your own comments on Instagram?

    You can’t pin your own comments on Instagram. However, Instagram will immediately show your comments at the top of the section.

  • How do I pin someone in Instagram DMs?

    Neither Instagram's DMs nor Facebook Messenger let you pin conversations to the top of the screen. You can, however, search for a specific contact or chat using the search bar at the top of the screen.

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