PicMonkey Review

A Full Review of PicMonkey, a Photo Collage Maker

PicMonkey no longer has a free plan. You can still use the website to create images but you can't download or share them unless you subscribe. There are other free photo collage makers and image editing websites if you need a PicMonkey alternative.

PicMonkey is a free photo collage maker and image editing website that's super easy to use.

The website interface for PicMonkey provides an easy way to create and customize a photo collage, with drag and drop support for simple maneuvering and plenty of other features that make it worth trying.

PicMonkey free trial


  • Over 20 free collage layouts are available
  • You can make your own custom collage layout
  • No account/registration is required to build a collage
  • Images can be uploaded from several different sources
  • Supports uploading multiple images at once
  • Dozens of free texture images are available for use
  • Can share your collage when done
  • Supports saving to cloud storage services


  • Unable to add an image as the background

PicMonkey Features

  • Though there's a limit to the number of pre-built free layouts PicMonkey has available, you can also make your own custom template by simply dragging images to the canvas and adjusting where they should go
  • A collage's background can be heavily customized with PicMonkey, by allowing the spacing between images to be adjusted as well as corners rounded and a color or transparency set as the background color
  • PicMonkey lets you upload photos from your computer, Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Flickr
  • The AutoFill feature automatically adds all your pictures to the collage to save time
  • Once they've been added to your collage, you can resize photos, alter their exposure, adjust their position, and flip/rotate them
  • The entire collage can be sent to PicMonkey's online editor for more advanced editing before saving it to your computer
  • You can adjust the dimensions of the collage before saving it as well as the quality
  • Collage's can be saved to your computer as a PNG or JPG file, or you can choose OneDrive or Dropbox
  • When you're done building the collage's, they can be shared over several social media websites or emailed to someone, and you can attach a caption or comments to the collage before doing so
  • Some features are Royale features and are not free to use, but they're clearly marked as such

Final Thoughts on PicMonkey

PicMonkey is my favorite online collage maker because the website lets you work quickly, edit your images, and save the collage in no time, but you can also spend some more time by utilizing the full online editor to create the perfect collage.

Some photo collage makers will clear out all the pictures from your collage if you change the layout midway through editing. PicMonkey, however, lets you adjust the layout as many times as you want once you've added the pictures without worrying about them going away, which is appreciated.