Photoshop Now Lets You Use Text to Edit Your Photos Thanks to New AI Tools

Generative Fill promises to add, remove, or expand images for you

Adobe is testing a new AI-powered tool that will let you edit your photos with text prompts.

Photoshop is expanding its AI toolset with another feature that simplifies and speeds up the photo editing process: Generative Fill. This new tool, announced in a press release, promises an easier approach to image adjustments (at several levels of complexity) using only text-based prompts.

Generative Fill before and after in desert


By utilizing Adobe's Firefly AI models, Generative Fill claims to be able to extend image dimensions while filling in the areas outside of the original frame, add new visual elements, and remove others. Generative Fill can also be used to change an image's overall style or make lighting adjustments—all by using text prompts rather than manual manipulation. And all of these changes are created on generative layers, meaning none of it will permanently alter your original photo.

The new tool also supports Content Credentials, which can be used to track whether an image was generated in Photoshop with AI, AI-edited, or manually created and edited. Though at the moment, the service appears to still be opt-in, which may make discerning AI imagery that hasn't turned on Content Credentials more difficult.

Generative Fill adding more elements to a photo of a corgi


Generative Fill is now available as part of the Photoshop desktop beta app (as part of the Creative Cloud beta) and is also usable as a module for the web-based Firefly beta app.

The tool is expected to exit beta and release publicly for everyone at some point "in the second half of 2023."

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