How to Resize Multiple Files With Photoshop Elements

Batch process images in Photoshop Elements

What to Know

  • In Elements Editor: File > Process Multiple Files, select the origin and destination, check Resize, set the values.
  • For Elements Organizer: Select files, go to File > Export as New File(s). Select Photo Size or Custom > Export.
  • Use 800x600 pixels for web, or 1600x1200 with a resolution of at least 200 dpi for printing.

This article explains how to resize multiple images in Photoshop Elements 2019 for Windows and Mac using the Elements Editor or the Photoshop Elements Organizer. The batch processing tool for Photoshop Elements Editor works best for resizing an entire folder of images rather than multiple images from different places.

Resize Multiple Images With Photoshop Elements Editor

To resize multiple images simultaneously in Elements Editor:

  1. Put all of the images you wish to edit together in a single folder on your computer.

  2. Open the Photoshop Elements Editor and select File > Process Multiple Files.

    The Process Multiple Files command in Photoshop Elements
  3. Set Process Files From to Folder.

    The From menu in Process Multiple Files
  4. Under Source, select Browse and choose the folder containing the pictures you want to resize.

    Check the box beside Include All Subfolders to include all images in the folders within the selected folder.

    The Browse button by Source
  5. Under Destination, select Browse and choose to the folder where you want the resized photos to go.

    Choose different folders for the source and destination so that you don't accidentally overwrite the original images.

    The Browse button by Destination
  6. Check the box beside Resize Images, then set the Width, Height, and Resolution as desired.

    If the box beside Constrain Proportions is checked, then you can only enter one value for the Width or Height. This option is recommended to avoid distortion.

    The Image Size options
  7. To change the format of the resized images, check the box beside Convert Files to and choose a new format.

    Converting your image to a high quality JPEG can result in large files. For smaller file sizes, select JPEG Medium Quality.

    The File Type options
  8. Optionally, under Quick Fix, check the box beside Sharpen.

    Sharpening images may slightly increase file size, so omit this step if having small files is your top priority.

    The Sharpen command
  9. Select OK to close the dialog. After they are finished processing, the resized images will appear in the destination folder you selected.

    The OK button

Resize Multiple Images With Photoshop Elements Organizer

If you're not resizing a whole folder of images, you may find it preferable to use Photoshop Elements Organizer to perform a batch resize:

  1. Open Photoshop Elements Organizer and select the pictures you want to resize.

    To select multiple images, hold down the Ctrl or Command key as you make your selection.

    Open Photoshop Elements Organizer and select the pictures you want to resize.
  2. Go to File > Export As New Files(s).

    The Export as New Files command
  3. Select a File Type other than the original.

    Choose JPEG for the smallest possible file sizes.

    The File Type menu
  4. Select a Photo Size.

    The Photo Size options
  5. Set the Quality slider to about 8.

    Increasing the Quality results in better looking images, but the file sizes will be larger.

    The Quality slider
  6. Under Location, select Browse and choose the folder where you want the resized pictures to go.

    The Browse button under Location
  7. Under Filenames, select Common Base Name to rename the resized files.

    The Filenames heading
  8. Select Export to proceed. Once the process is finished, the resized images will appear in the designated destination folder.

    The Export button

Tips for Resizing Images in Photoshop Elements

A size of 800x600 pixels is suitable for small images meant to be viewed on the web. For printing, a size of 1600x1200 pixels will produce a good quality 4x6 inch print. If you want people to be able to print the pictures, set the resolution between 200-300 DPI.

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