Photoshop and Illustrator Getting New Features and Tools

The apps will be making their first online presence

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are getting new tools and features added to their repertoire, as well as a new online presence.

Announced during the Adobe MAX 2021 event, Photoshop will be getting three new neural filters for photographs and new interoperability with Illustrator. Artists on Illustrator will enjoy improved 3D effects and a redesigned interface.

New Photoshop on Web Beta


The new Photoshop filters are Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer, and Harmonization.

Landscape Mixer can blend two different landscape images together to create a new picturesque scene, like changing a photograph of a summer day to winter by adding a snowy picture. Color Transfer can take the color palette of one image and apply it to another. And Harmonization can match the color and tone from one layer to another.

Photoshop's new Illustrator interoperability allows artists to copy and paste a vector drawing from Illustrator to Photoshop, while keeping the majority of the assets from the source. The move adds some new Photoshop-exclusive attributes, such as blend mode, stroke, and opacity.

For Illustrator, 3D effects on desktop have been overhauled with a redesigned interface and updated panel that adds depth to an artwork. Lighting and textures are also easier to add than before.

New Illustrator 3D Tool


Finally, both apps will be getting a web browser version exclusive to Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The browser versions won’t be as in-depth as the app rendition, but you can still make small edits.

The new Photoshop and Illustrator features and browser versions will launch in a beta version starting Tuesday. However, the Illustrator beta is invite-only, with users able to apply for possible selection. The official release for these additions is still pending.

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