Photoshop Adds New Features for iPad and Desktop Apps

Also small performance and usability fixes, and a desktop Discover panel

A new Photoshop update for the iPad and desktop apps has added several new features, as well as a bunch of performance fixes.

This latest update brings both the Healing Brush and the Magic Wand tools to Photoshop on the iPad, along with Canvas Projection. Both the Healing Brush and Magic Wand have been available in the desktop app for some time and work the same as they have in the desktop app.

New Photoshop features


Canvas Projection allows you to share your canvas onto a larger display (with no Photoshop interface) via a HDMI or USB-C cable connection.

Instead of new tools or access to exiting ones, Photoshop's desktop app has received enhancements to its Sky Replacement and Transform Warp features.

Now Sky Replacement has a Get More Skies option, which provides a much larger library of sky-related imagery from Adobe's Discover site. Transform Warp will now let you independently adjust Bezier handles—ideal for bending and stretching images onto non-flat surfaces, such as bottles.

The desktop app did get one new tool, however: the Discover panel, which lets you perform an in-app search for specific tools or menu items.

Adobe claims more than 500 fixes in the new update, though only details a handful. Application-wide performance adjustments include better canvas movement when zoomed in, smoother painting jitter opacity, and visual updates to puppet warp mesh.

New Photoshop features


Neural filter changes include being able to use preset and custom images for Style Transfer, and Superzoom working for the entire document instead of a portion.

These new updates for both the desktop and iPad versions of Photoshop are available now.

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