Video and Photo Sharing Websites

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Milton Brown/Getty Images

If you want to share photos online, there are dozens of websites you can use. The same holds for sharing videos online. But some websites have very cleverly consolidated the two so that you can upload videos and photos in the same place.

Photo and Video Sharing Websites

    • Bolt: Bolt is a simple, straightforward website that allows you to upload both photos and videos, as well as audio files and even a blog. Their handy upload tool allows you to upload up to ten photos at a time.
    • Dropshots: Dropshots is intended mainly for sharing media with people you know. You can store up to 500 photos, and a super-handy desktop uploader makes putting photos online unbelievably fast and easy.
    • Eyespot: Because Eyespot's specialty is letting users make media "mixes," it's not surprising that they allow you to upload photos and audio as well as video to craft fun new video mixes.
    • Flukiest: Flukiest is a simple sharing website where you can upload up to 500 photos and videos.
    • Mixpo: Mixpo is a sharing website that lets you upload photos and videos in no time with a little desktop application, and better yet, without any file type or size restrictions.
    • Media MaxWhen it comes to convenient file hosting on the web, Media Max is a great resource. The site offers 25GB of free storage for photos, videos, audio and more.
    • StickamStickam is a sharing website that allows you to upload 500MB worth of photos, video, and audio for free.