Overview of the iPhone Phone App

Use the iPhone's powerful calling features to talk to your friends with ease

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Placing a phone call using the Phone app built into the iPhone is simple. Tap a few numbers or a name in your address book, and you'll be chatting in just a few seconds. But when you move beyond that fundamental task, things are more complicated—and more powerful. 

These instructions apply to all currently supported versions of iOS.

How to Make a Phone Call on iPhone

There are two ways to place a call using the phone app:

  1. From the Favorites/Contacts: Open the Phone app and either tap the Favorites or Contacts icons at the bottom of the app. Find the person you want to call and tap his or her name. If the person uses more than one phone number in your contacts list, choose the number you want to call.
  2. From the Keypad: In the Phone app, tap the Keypad icon. Enter the number and tap the green phone icon to start the call.

When the call begins, the calling features screen appears.

How to Use the iPhone's Calling Features

The iPhone supports features that, once, were more often found in corporate phone systems.

How to Mute Calls on iPhone

Tap the Mute button to mute the microphone on your iPhone. This feature prevents the person you're talking to from hearing what you say until you tap the button again. Mute is on when the button is highlighted.

How to Use Speakerphone on iPhone

Tap the Speaker button to broadcast the call audio through your iPhone's speaker (the button is white when it's enabled). When you use the Speaker feature, you still talk into the iPhone's microphone, but you don't have to hold it right next to your mouth for it to pick up your voice. Tap the Speaker button again to turn it off.

How to Use the Keypad in iPhone Calls

If you need to access the keypad—such as to use a phone tree or enter a phone extension (though there's a quicker way to dial extensions)—tap the Keypad button. When you're done with the Keypad, but not the call, tap Hide at the bottom right. If you prefer to end the call, tap the red phone icon.

How to Make Conference Calls

One of the best phone features of the iPhone is the ability to host your conference calls without paying a conference calling service.

How to Use FaceTime

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FaceTime is Apple's video chatting technology. It requires you to be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network and to call someone else who has a FaceTime-compatible device. When those requirements are met, you won't just be talking, you'll be seeing each other when you do. If you begin a call and the FaceTime button can be tapped, tap it to begin a video chat.


When you're on a call, tap the Contacts button to pull up your address book to look up contact information that you may need to give to the person you're talking to or to initiate a conference call.

How to End Phone Calls on iPhone

When you're done with a call, just tap the red phone button to hang up.