Philips Unveils 4K Xbox Gaming Monitors

These 27- and 32-inch monitors also will work on PC

Philips officially has revealed two new gaming monitors, both of which are designed for Xbox gaming.

On Monday, Philips released details about two new additions to its Momentum gaming lineup. The two new monitors, the 27-inch 279M1RV and the 32-inch 329M1RV, are both validated and designed for Xbox gaming with a supported resolution of 4K. Both monitors also come with full HDR support, including Display HDR1000, a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz, and Philips’ Ambiglow lighting system.

The new Philips Momentum gaming monitors


The more expensive 32-inch model comes with a VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified display and support for AMD FreeSync. It will support both HDMI and Display Port connections up to 144Hz, while USB connections will top out at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Response time is also on par with standard gaming monitors, offering a 1ms response time.

On the other hand, the 27-inch supports up to DisplayHDR 600 and comes with a Nano IPS display. Like the larger model, it features HDMI and Display Port connections with up to 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. You also can connect via USB-C, though it tops out at a 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s also worth noting that both monitors support HDMI 2.1, giving console gamers a great way to connect and make the most of their Xbox’s settings. Additionally, Philips says the monitors aren’t just designed for console gaming on the Xbox, either, noting that they provide PC gamers a perfect picture and display for low-latency gaming.

The new monitors are slated to go on sale in the UK sometime in November, though no exact date has been shared just yet. Philips also has not shared information about a US release.

The 27-inch Momentum will retail for £719.99 (around $990 USD), while the 32-inch model comes with a recommended price of £899.99 (roughly $1,240 USD). 

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