Pheed Streamed Pay-Per-View Events to Mobile Devices

Social networking service included mobile pay-per-view technology

Pheed Service Discontinued

Internet entrepreneur OD Kobo launched Pheed in 2012 but sold the short-lived technology to Mobli Media Group in March 2014, which shut it down entirely in April 2016. The Pheed website encourages users to check out the company's flagship Galaxia app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The Galaxia app is home to mini social networks, but it does not include pay-per-view streaming.


Pheed is the new craze in mobile streaming video. It's the first app that lets you stream live events directly to your mobile device so you can access awesome entertainment from anywhere. You can download the application to iOS and Android mobile devices, RSVP to an event you'd like to attend, and tune in when the event goes live. In addition, Pheed lets you have a monetized account so you can broadcast an event, stream a movie or show, or share a track with your friends and fans while promoting your brand. The app is free to download, so read more to learn about using Pheed to express yourself with your mobile device.

Getting Started With Pheed

To get started with Pheed, just download the application from the App Store or Google Play using your mobile device. Then, sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or email account. You can upload a background image to your profile page and add a few lines about yourself. You'll also have the opportunity to rate your channel so other Pheed users know which content they want to access. Then, you can subscribe to channels of other Pheed users and broadcasters so you are tuned in to the latest events.

The Pheed User Interface

Pheed has a similar user interface to other big social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The app is divided into four major sections: the home screen, search function, create a new pheed and notifications. The home screen shows you all of the events, broadcasts and updates from the channels you subscribe to. The search section lets you discover media by browsing through pheeds, channels and the latest trending hashtags. The notification section lets you know if your friends and channel subscriptions have posted any new content so you can keep up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Create A New Pheed

To create a new pheed, use the post icon in the main menu bar. Then, you'll be able to write a text update, share a picture or video, share a live broadcast, or record an audio track for your update. The Pheed function comes equipped with a copyright stamp so you can mark your original content to build your brand. When you're happy with your Pheed, you can post it so that other Pheed users can check it out. Using Pheed with your Facebook or Twitter account is a great way to integrate your social media tools while having the ability to post branded audio and video files. You can configure your Pheed posts to automatically connect to your other social media accounts so that all your friend groups have access to your posts.

Monetize Your Account

If you're using Pheed to build your brand or to stream live events for other users, you'll want to monetize your account. To do this, access your account settings page by clicking on the icon on the right side of the menu bar. Choose how much you want to charge your viewers to access your account—you can charge a monthly subscription fee and also charge a pay-per-view amount for specific broadcasts. Pheed has to approve your account before it's monetized, after which you can set up a payment account to receive funds from your fans.

The Pheed monetized account is a great way for independent artists, musicians, video makers and comedians to share their creativity while getting a kickback for their efforts. In addition, the Pheed model allows fans to contribute to their favorite sources of entertainment while having almost unlimited access to fresh content on the go.

Any money you earn on Pheed is added to your account balance. You can add your bank details to your user profile to receive your earnings in your personal bank account. Like setting up a linked PayPal account, you'll need to provide the name and address of your bank, as well as your routing and account numbers. After the account is set up, you receive 50 percent of any monthly subscription fees paid to Pheed by your viewers.

Pheed is a great social media tool for building your brand, sharing live broadcasts and attending live events. If you want to incorporate your social media presence with your creative pursuits, and monetize your content, Pheed is a platform worth checking out.

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