Pheed Account Sign Up Made Simple

Sign up for in Less than 5 Minutes

pheed signup screen
pheed signup screen.

A Pheed account is easy to create. To sign up for Pheed, the hot new social network for sharing text and multimedia, you have three choices:

  • Email signup -- You can provide your email address, create a username and password, and voila, you have a Pheed account. It's pretty easy.
  • Facebook signup -- You can provide your Facebook account information, and Pheed will create a new account for you that will be linked to your Facebook account. It will try to grab your Facebook profile photo and reuse it on your Pheed account, too.
  • Twitter signup -- You can provide your Twitter account information, and Pheed will create a new account for you that will be linked to your Twitter account. It will also try to grab your profile photo from the micro-blogging network and reuse it on your Pheed account if you want.

Pheed: Web and Mobile Platform for Sharing Multimedia

Those three account choices are available regardless of whether you choose to sign up for Pheed on the Web or on your phone.

Pheed, which launched in the fall of 2012, is available as both a Web service and a mobile app. (It's only mobile option was for the iPhone in April 2013.

The service is a blend of Twitter and Facebook, with a bit of YouTube thrown in. It allows users to subscribe to one another's feeds, like Twitter, and to post text, audio, photos, videos in updates that are called "pheeds."

Pheed for iPhone Sign up

If you want to download the mobile app for iPhone and sign up on your phone, Pheed has a page linking to the iPhone Pheed app download.

After you download the app, install and launch it, you should see a signup screen resembling the image above.

As with the desktop app, your choice will be to create an account linked to Facebook, Twitter or your email address.

If you click Facebook or Twitter, you'll be asked to confirm that Pheed should be granted access to your Facebook or Twitter account.

If you sign up with email, you'll be sent a confirmation message which you'll retrieve from your email account and click to confirm your Pheed account creation.

Naming Your New Pheed Channel

As part of signing up, you'll be asked to provide a unique URL or Web address for your new account. It's very similar to Twitter's account and Web address scheme.

Later, you will be able to change your channel name, but not the URL assigned to your account initially.

So, for example, you create your Pheed channel at htt:// Later, you could rename your channel to be "Wild Woman of TX," which would subsequently appear on your channel menu, but not in your URL.

What's Next?

That's it--there is little complicated about getting a Pheed account. Using the social network is a bit more complicated because you'll have to learn some new lingo. For example, a comment is called a "pheedback;" a "keeper" is a pheed that's been saved; and "remix" is the equivalent of sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

But we'll save the tutorial on how to use Pheed for another article. The best thing to do after signing up is to click around and find a few people to follow (or "subscribe" to since pheed doesn't use Twitter's following language. It's all about "subscriptions" instead of friends and followers."

The Pheed support center offers more helpful tips.