Peter Piazza

Peter Piazza is an award-winning journalist who has been testing and writing about consumer and business technology for nearly a decade. His goal is to help you to choose the right printer or scanner for your needs.


As a seasoned technology journalist, Peter has been writing about consumer and business technologies for nearly a decade. He has conducted in-depth product reviews on everything from Web browsers to USB drives to printers and scanners. His articles have appeared in publications such as, CRM Daily, Sci-Tech Today, Enterprise Security Today, Security Management magazine, and Fortune Small Business Online. He's won a Silver Award for Best Technical Article from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) and a Bronze Excel Award from the Society of National Association Publications (SNAP). His articles have been cited by the FBI Library, the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Technology Center, and the National White Collar Crime Center, among others.

Peter Piazza

Researching a new printer or scanner can be a truly daunting task. What do all those specs mean? What's the difference between different kinds of printers? Does a low price mean it's going to be cheap to use? I've been through it all myself, and my goal here is to help you understand what you need to know before you go shopping, separate hype from reality, and make some recommendations. If you're able to find the printer or scanner you're looking for, I've done my job.

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