Best Social Networks for Pet Lovers

People petting dog in group therapy session

 Caiaimage/Agnieszka Olek/Getty Images

Social networks aren't limited to just people. Dog or cat, snake or fish -- there's no reason why your pet should be left out of the mix. Pet social networks are a great way to show off your friend, find information about your pet, and even adopt new pets. 


Pet Social Networks - Catster

Catster, the sister-company of Dogster, is a very popular social network for anything that meows, hisses, or just ignores you to play with a ball of yarn. Along with being able to share pictures of your cat, you can also look to adopt one ​or put your own up for adoption.


Pet Social Networks - Dogster

One of the most popular pet-based social networks on the web is Dogster. The site allows you to show off your pooch, find advice on dogs, and even find out what type of dog breed you are.


Petbrags pet website

Petbrags is a small but growing community of pet owners who welcome all kinds of pets from dogs to cats to fish to reptiles. The group, which is on Facebook, is a great space to show off your albino ferret, hairless cat, or any other type of pet.


United Dogs

United Dogs is a great international social network of dog lovers who've come together to show pictures of their puppies and make their pooch a star of their own video. There is also a wiki on dogs and a mashup using Google maps to point out great dog places on the map.


United Cats

An international cat-lovers social network, UnitedCats lets you create a webpage for your kitty and find cat friends from around the world. You can even show your cats on your Facebook profile.

And, if you need treats for all these new pets and their pet friends, get one of those Dash buttons for pets so you never run short.