Personal Tools For Recording VoIP Calls

Apps For Recording Your Phone Conversations

You can record your personal phone calls
You can record your personal phone calls. Gary Burchell / Taxi / GettyImages

Call recording is an important process in business. It is used in training, following up on customer relations, and many other reasons. But you may want to record calls in your private life as well. You may want to immortalize certain conversations you have with family, friends and important people; you may want to have proof of words being said, and a million of other reasons forĀ recording phone calls.

Note that it if you are recording a call, the correspondent needs to be aware of it, and they must be given the chance to express their approval of disapproval of it. Not everyone is happy to have their words recorded, and not every conversation is meant to be stored.

Here is a list of some of the most common software tools you can use to record your VoIP calls for your individual use, in contrast with tools that are used for recording calls in businesses.


HotRecorder is a very good call recording software that works solely with PC-based telephony software like Skype, Net2Phone, FireFly, instant messaging programs and others. Primarily the sound files are in proprietary ELP format, but the software provides a converter for MP3, WAV or OGG files. The free trial version records only the first two minutes of a conversation, but the product is not expensive.


vEmotion is a very handy tool for voice chatters.

It comes in three versions, each at a different price. It records VoIP conversations on all common instant messaging software like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ etc. It saves the audio files in MP3 format. It has tons of cool features, including playing background music, sending voice emoticons, etc.


This software records your phone calls directly to your hard disk, using the voice modem as capturing device. If you are in a business environment, you can also play a legal disclaimer before recording the call. It only records one telephone line. Free evaluation copy available for download, valid for 30 days.

Advanced Phone Recorder

Advanced Phone Recorder has more or less the same functions as CallCorder, but it seems to be better supported, with more technical information on the web site.

Call Soft Pro

Call Soft Pro is yet another software that records calls and acts as a voice mail device and answering machine. It works with the modem and has the basic features like Caller ID, call blocking, etc. and even email notification. It is good both for personal use and for a business. The link above is for the download of its free trial version.

Pamela for Skype

As the name implies, Pamela for Skype is a call-recording software only for Skype users, but not only for men, although it is quite feminine! The free basic version allows up to 15 minutes recording per call and some very interesting features. Paid versions have tons of features and unlimited recording.

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