How to Set up Default Account Signatures in Outlook Express

Personalize your signatures for each email address

Signature with a fountain pen

Towfiqu Photography / Getty Images

Signatures are great fun in Outlook Express. You can set up as many as you want, and they can sport a fancy look or images even. Of course, Windows Mail and Outlook Express can insert a default signature into every email you write automatically.​

Different Emails Demand Different Signatures

As the emails you send differ — some are sent from your work account, some for fun, and some you craft as a special mailing list persona — so should your signatures. By default and automatically.

Fortunately, you can assign each account in Outlook Express a default signature that will be used in preference to the overall default signature. A reply sent to a message received to your work account can bear your work signature, for example.

Set the Default Signature per Email Account in Outlook Express

To choose the default email signature for a particular account in Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  1. Select Tools/Options... from the menu
  2. Go to the Signatures tab
  3. Highlight the desired signature under Signatures
  4. Click Advanced... under Edit Signature
  5. Make sure all the email accounts for which you want the highlighted signature to be the default are checked
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK again