Fix Pentax Point and Shoot Camera Error Messages

Pentax WG-3 Camera. Pentax

If you experience a problem with your your Pentax point and shoot camera, you may see an error message. Although no one wants to see an error message, at least the camera is providing you with a clue to the problem.

Use these tips to solve the error message with your Pentax point and shoot camera.

  • Battery error. As your Pentax fixed lens camera’s battery approaches the exhausted level, you may see this type of message. The camera likely will only function for another minute or even less once you see this error, and you may have to turn the camera off and on again to be able to receive a few more seconds of power from the camera. Shoot your last few photos as quickly as you can and then recharge the camera.
  • Cannot process correctly. This error message appears when the camera cannot apply a processing feature, such as red-eye compensation. You'll have to try to shoot the photo again.
  • Compression error. If the Pentax point and shoot camera cannot properly compress the photo file to meet the desired format, you may see this error. Try shooting the photo again, as the photo you just shot probably was not saved. If the error message appears again, you may have to change the file format.
  • Data being processed. If you've chosen to apply some of the camera's built-in image processing features to the photo, you may see this error message if you try to push a button before the processing is completed.
  • Formatting error or card locked error. When you see this type of error, it’s related to the way the camera is reading the memory card in the Pentax fixed lens camera. The memory card may have been formatted with another camera most recently, leaving the Pentax camera unable to read the card. Perhaps the lock switch on the SD memory card is stuck in the write-protect position, sparking this type of error. It’s possible the memory card is simply malfunctioning as well.
  • Image folder cannot be created. If you see this error message, the Pentax camera's internal numbering system has reached its maximum (9999), and the camera cannot store any more photos until the memory card is cleared or until a new memory card is inserted.
  • Memory card error. Unfortunately, the Pentax camera doesn't specify the exact type of error the memory card is experiencing. Regardless, the camera cannot save any photos to the memory card until the error is fixed. Try downloading the photos currently on the card to your computer, either by directly inserting the card into the computer or by connecting the camera to a computer. Once you've (hopefully) saved the photos from the card, you can format the card, which will erase all data on the memory card and hopefully fix the error message.
  • Movie recording stopped. If the Pentax camera must stop recording a movie, for whatever reason, you'll see this error message. Many times, this error message occurs when the camera cannot write the data for the movie to the memory card quickly enough. This can occur because the memory card's recording function is too slow or because the camera's internal temperature has risen beyond normal limits. (The temperature sometimes rises in a Pentax camera when shooting a long movie clip.) Either way, you'll have to try to reshoot the movie, perhaps at a lower resolution or once the camera has cooled, to avoid a continued error. Or, you'll just have to accept the partial movie as the finished product.
  • No image. This error message indicates another potential error with the memory card, rather than an error with the camera. It simply means no photos are stored on the memory card.