Peloton Joins the Crew Team and Launches a Smart Rowing Machine

Swiveling HD screen, form assist, and post-class analytics

Peloton is expanding its lineup of connected fitness devices with the launch of the Peloton Row, a rowing machine with plenty of high-tech features.

The Peloton Row is an efficient way to get your reps in, as rowing is known to be a low-impact exercise that combines strength training and cardio. Peloton’s new machine promises the same highly personalized workouts the company has become known for via its Bike and Tread line of fitness machines. 

Peloton Row


To that end, rowing enthusiasts will have access to a suite of "motivational instructors" accessible via the machine's 24-inch HD swivel screen. Several classes are available at launch, with live classes and guided scenic classes coming early next year. 

Now, on to the tech; this is a Peloton device, after all. The Row features a form assist feature with calibrated on-screen feedback to highlight areas for improvement in real-time, allowing users to make adjustments. These analytics are also delivered to users as post-class insights, so you can work on that all-important technique. 

As with other Peloton products, everything is adjustable, and the intensity of each workout is set by the user, no matter how loud that instructor yells to "push it." 

The Row can also be stored vertically via an upright wall anchor when not in use to save space, making it a decent choice for fitness-minded apartment dwellers. 

This is a Peloton product, though, so prepare for the sticker shock. The Row costs $3,200, but that includes delivery and setup. You also need an all-access membership to use the machine, which costs $44/month. If you're still set on getting one, you can pre-order it now directly from the manufacturer.

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