PDFMate PDF Converter Free Review


PDFMate PDF Converter Free

PDFMate PDF Converter Free is a free PDF to Word converter, meaning that it can convert PDF to DOCX. It also supports batch processing and has an extremely easy-to-use user interface.

In addition to converting PDF to the newest Microsoft Word format, PDFMate PDF Converter Free can also convert to some other editable formats, as well as extract images from a PDF.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free Output Formats


How PDFMate PDF Converter Free Converts PDFs

PDFs are converted with PDFMate PDF Converter Free using the PDFMate desktop software for Windows. The PDF has to exist on your computer in order to use it, so if the PDF you want to convert to DOCX is online, you have to download it first.

If you'd rather not download a program to convert PDFs to DOCX, you can use an online service like FreeFileConvert. That one in particular also lets you convert PDFs that are stored online.

There's also a Mac version of this program but it doesn't have the same features mentioned throughout this page.

OCR is included in this PDF converter so that the DOCX file will be fully editable.

One of the supported output formats listed above is PDF, which might seem odd to do to a document that's already in the PDF format. However, PDFMate PDF Converter Free includes this option so that you can edit its settings without changing the format. This lets you do things like add password protection or prevent editing, copying, and/or printing.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free Limitations

OCR conversions are restricted to only the first three pages of the PDF.

Compared to the professional version of PDFMate PDF Converter, the free one also won't convert PDF to DOC, can't split a PDF into smaller parts or single pages, and doesn't let you specify a specific page or range of pages to convert.

Final Thoughts on PDFMate PDF Converter Free

When testing PDFMate PDF Converter Free, the PDFs structure managed to stay intact when converting to a DOCX file, which is what you'd expect with any good PDF to Word converter.

The software lets you load up multiple PDFs to convert more than one at a time, which is a really handy feature if you have many different PDFs that all require the same output format.

You can also load multiple PDFs for the purpose of merging them into one file, which can also come in handy.

Unfortunately, after every PDF conversion, you're prompted to buy the full version of PDFMate PDF Converter. There's no way to get rid of this unless you purchase the full program.

Overall, the layout and design of the PDFMate PDF Converter Free software is easy to use and not confusing at all.