PdaNet+ Tethering App to Use Your Smartphone as a Modem

Use your smartphone as a modem for your laptop

PDANet app

One of the most popular resources for transforming an Android smartphone into a modem for your laptop, a process known as tethering, is PdaNet+. PdaNet+ supports connections using Wi-Fi, a USB cable connection, and Bluetooth dial-up networking.

The PdaNet+ app is available for Android, Windows, and macOS. The full version is a paid app, but a free trial version is available, which works after the trial period with some limitations.

How to Use PdaNet+

Step-by-step instructions for Android tethering are available. Here's how to use PdaNet+ on all compatible platforms.

  1. Download the software to your laptop or desktop computer. The software works on Windows PCs, Macs, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.​

    This step is only necessary for iPhones using USB tethering on the iPhone, not for the Wi-Fi tethering.

  2. Depending on the mobile operating system, when PdaNet+ installs on the computer, the software also installs on a connected phone. If PdaNet+ doesn't install automatically, download the app for the phone from the mobile app market.

    To install PdaNet+ on an iPhone, jailbreak the phone. Because PdaNet+ is not allowed in the App Store by Apple, install PdaNet+ using Cydia.

  3. When PdaNet+ is installed, open the app on your computer or smartphone, then use your phone data plan for internet access on your laptop.

There are other iPhone tethering apps and Android tethering apps available, but PdaNet+ is one of the popular and oldest tethering apps. It's also easy to use and purported to be the fastest (at least for Android).

As with any app that is not officially supported by the carriers and may require you to hack your phone or get root access, check your wireless contract for any issues your wireless provider may have with tethering or using your phone as a modem.