UPDATED: PC Maker Acer Shakes Things Up With a Light and Powerful Electric Bike

The ebii Smartbike weighs 35 pounds and boasts AI features

Update 3/20/23:

Acer confirmed, via email, that the ebii e-bike uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn riders' pedaling habits, biking conditions, and preferences. It adapts the power availability and battery life according to those factors.

The bike also includes an adaptive mission control app so riders can set their preferences for power and motor output, and the removable battery pack in the ebii can also be used as a portable charger for other devices.

Ebii is currently not currently available in the US, but the company does plan to launch in the US in the future. Pricing and availability in other regions can be determined by contacting the nearest Acer office.

This is not a drill: PC and accessories manufacturer Acer is getting in on the e-bike game. 

The company just announced the ebii Smartbike, revealing that the Taiwanese computer maker is ready to throw its hat into the ever-competitive electric bike space. Acer has long been known for making ultra-thin and lightweight laptops, and this design philosophy translates to its first e-bike. 

Acer ebii


The ebii weighs just 35 pounds, which is half as much as many competing models. Despite the weight reduction, this bike still gets 70 miles per charge, which is a decent metric. The max speed is 20 miles per hour, though Acer has not stated if this is a hard technological limit or a self-imposed limit to meet various speed restrictions. 

As for high-tech features, the ebii has got you covered. This bike is filled with AI that learns the personal preferences of riders and adjusts accordingly. For instance, it will automatically change gears at certain segments of your route once it has been sufficiently trained, and it will automatically adjust settings to accommodate diverse road conditions. 

The ebii reaches a full charge in just over two hours and the power brick can also be used to charge your laptops, phones, and other gadgets. As is the case with many e-bikes, there is an affiliated app that provides information on battery life, speed checks, route recommendations, and more. 

Though the product is far enough along for a snazzy YouTube promotional video, Acer has not released any pricing or availability information, telling consumers to stay tuned. We've reached out to the company to find out more.

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