PC Login Now v2.0

Reset Your Windows Password With PC Login Now

PC Login Now is no longer freely offered by its developer. The versions that are still available, like the one you may have found on CNET's Download.com or elsewhere, are all trial versions. I highly recommend that you look through my Free Windows Password Recovery Tools list or reference my Ways To Find Lost Windows Passwords instead.

Here is my review of the free version which I'll keep up in case it becomes available again:


The PC Login Now password cracker is the fastest free Windows password recovery tool that I've used. If you can click a few buttons then you can hack into your computer with this tool.

In a Hurry? Skip my review below and read my complete step-by-step guide to PC Login Now.

PC Login Now doesn't display your password like the popular Ophcrack password recovery tool. PC Login Now actually deletes your password, allowing access to Windows without a password at all.

PC Login Now works in almost exactly the same way as Offline NT Password & Registry Editor but is much easier to use.

PC Login Now Pros & Cons

While there's a lot to like about PC Login Now, there are some major drawbacks.


  • Fastest Windows password recovery tool tested
  • No Windows access or knowledge of previous passwords needed
  • Passwords are deleted with just a few clicks through an easy menu
  • Works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP passwords
  • PC Login Now ISO image is much smaller than those of many other password recovery tools


  • Password reset process causes Windows to detect a possible hard drive issue
  • ISO image must be burned to a CD or USB drive before passwords can be reset
  • Does not work with Windows 8 or Windows 10 (but if it did, it would probably only work with local accounts)

    More About PC Login Now

    • No installation in Windows is required, making PC Login Now an easy alternative to many other password recovery tools.
    • PC Login Now can delete any password, from most versions of Windows, almost instantly.
    • Passwords are simply removed with this tool instead of being decoded and displayed making it faster and easier to use.
    • PC Login Now can transform any normal user account into an administrator account.

    My Thoughts on PC Login Now

    PC Login Now 2.0 is an amazing free password recovery tool but instead of "recovering" your password, it deletes it, allowing unrestricted access to Windows.

    PC Login Now is a fantastic Windows password reset tool that requires a bit of prep work but is completely worth the effort!

    How to Use PC Login Now

    Below is a summary of how to use PC Login Now. However, I highly recommend my step by step guide with screenshots if you're not familiar with Windows password recovery software and need a detailed walkthrough.

    To get started, visit the download page on PC Login Now's website by clicking the Visit Their Web Site link at the bottom of this page, above User Reviews.

    Once there, click on the Download button to begin downloading the 60MB file. Once downloaded, run the program, which will extract an ISO file.

    If you're uncomfortable running the EXE file, open it with your favorite file archive/compression tool (I like 7-Zip a lot) and extract the ISO manually.

    Once extracted, burn the ISO image to a CD. Burning an ISO file is different than burning a normal file. See How To Burn an ISO File to a CD.

    After burning, boot from the CD by rebooting with the disc still in the drive. PC Login Now will start automatically.

    To delete your password, follow the instructions on-screen. Choose your operating system installation and then the user name that you want the password deleted for. Be sure to check the password is empty checkbox after choosing your user name.

    This will remove the password.

    Your password will be removed instantly and you'll be asked if you want to reset another user. Choose No and then OK to reboot. You'll see some commands and then your computer will restart. Remove the CD as soon as the computer reboots. If you don't remove it in time PC Login Now will start again. If that happens, just remove the CD and restart manually.

    Log in to Windows as you normally do but do not enter anything in the password field. You're in!

    Once Windows loads, create a new Windows password that you can remember and then create a password reset disk to avoid this problem in the future.

    Important: One downfall of using PC Login Now is that it causes Windows to detect a possible hard drive issue. I've never actually seen hard drive damage after using this tool but it is a little concerning.