PC Holiday Gift Guide

Selection of Items and Guides for Picking out a PC Gift for the Holidays

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Computers are an integral part of our lives today. As a result, computing gifts are just as popular as personal electronics. They make great gifts for families, students, gamers or pretty much anyone. Of course they are expensive, so it is important to take the time and try to match the computer to the recipient as best as possible. If a new PC is too expensive, this guide also includes suggestions for accessories, peripherals and upgrades that can help make using a computer even better.


Tablets are the big item in mobile computing these days. Since the primary function of computers for many now is entertainment and communication, these extremely portable and easy to use devices are a great option for those that don't necessarily want to carry around a laptop and a mobile phone is too small to use. With such a large group of tablets to choose from, it can be very challenging to compare them. I recommend looking over my Tablet Buyer's Guide to get a feel for the various options before taking a closer look at individual tablets. You can also check out my picks for the various tablets currently available.


Portable computers now outsell desktop systems. Their performance and features have increased dramatically where they can function as a primary computer system. They take up less space then a desktop and can be carried and connected to the Internet pretty much from anywhere. If you aren't really sure what to look for in a laptop PC as a gift, check out my Laptop Buyer's Guide for tips and advice. You can also check out my picks for best laptops in various sizes and prices.

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While laptops are gaining in popularity, desktops still have the advantage in terms of performance, price and expandability. These are a great option for those needing a computer system that they don't have to take with them. If you are considering getting one for the holidays but aren't sure where to start, check out my Desktop Buyer's Guide for tips.

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Monitors are an essential item for any desktop PC system and can help give a larger screen for a laptop computer when it is used at a home or office. They also make great upgrade gifts for those with older screens. Prices have dropped allowing larger screens to be more affordable. If you aren't familiar with LCD monitors, a good place to start might be to check out my LCD Monitor Buyer's Guide for a better understanding of all the different terms and features.

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Accessories and Peripherals

Maybe you aren't looking to purchase a new computer but get a computer related gift for someone who already has a PC. There are a large number of accessories and peripherals that are designed for different types of computers and users. Here are some suggested gifts for broken out by how people use their PCs or specific peripheral types.

PC Upgrades

Another great gift idea is to buy an upgrade to a desktop or laptop computer that would be useful to the receiver without costing too much. There are a variety of different upgrade options, but one of the easiest is a memory upgrade. Of course, buying memory requires some extra knowledge. Be sure to read my Computer Memory Upgrade article for details on what you need to know. After all, more and more computers are now fixed so that the memory can't be upgraded.

If you know someone who is into PC gaming, then a video card or sound card upgrade can be a gift option. There have been a number of video card releases recently that add extra performance but are very affordable. Also, many gamers rely on integrated audio which is alright but a dedicated sound card can really make the sound better.

Storage upgrades are also an excellent option for those looking for PC based gifts. With the explosion of digital media files, the amount of space we need for our PCs keeps getting larger. Hard drives allow for more data to be stored on the PC itself. Solid state drives are also a great and affordable way to improve the performance of older PCs. Blu-ray allows existing computers to play the new high definition movie format.