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Clean up your computer with this free program uninstaller designed to delete never-used apps that new PCs come with

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PC Decrapifier is a portable software uninstaller that's very simple to use and supports batch uninstalls. It specializes in the removal of those preinstalled and often never-used programs that come with new PCs, which are also known as bloatware, crapware, junkware, and shovelware, but it is not limited to the removal of these types of programs.

This tool can scan and list all programs you have on your system that you might want to remove, and it can delete some programs automatically so that you don't even have to click through an uninstallation wizard.

You can download it for free on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

PC Decrapifier analysis

PC Decrapifier Features

Here are some other features:

  • Walks you through a wizard so you can easily see which programs it recommends removing, can be removed automatically, and those you can remove manually.
  • Displays a percentage of users who uninstalled each program to help you decide whether you, too, should uninstall it.
  • Categorizes programs it can uninstall in Recommended, Questionable, and Everything Else tabs.
  • Shows how much space programs take up on your hard drive.

PC Decrapifier Pros and Cons

PC Decrapifier is a very simple program, which is a great benefit if you just want to get rid of useless software quickly and without a lot of technical considerations. Those who want more control over the removal of programs may find it too automated.

What We Like
  • Completely portable (doesn't need to be installed).

  • Takes up less than 2 MB of hard drive space.

  • Can uninstall programs in bulk.

  • Can remove some programs automatically without a lot of user action.

  • Prompts to create a restore point before uninstalling software.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't filter through the list of programs.

  • Can't search for a program from the list.

  • No option to remove a program's entry from the list of software.

  • No right-click context menu option for removing programs in File Explorer.

  • Support has been discontinued.

More Information on PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier focuses on removing programs that come pre-installed on newly purchased computers. Many of these preinstalled programs can be removed quickly and automatically with this tool, so you don't have to spend a lot of time clicking through prompts, which would otherwise be the case if you were to remove each individually on your own.

During our testing, it removed two programs consecutively without any prompting, and these programs were not preinstalled to the test computer. This means the automatic feature works not just for those preinstalled manufacturer programs, but also those you might install yourself.

If you purchase a new computer from a retail store, downloading and running PC Decrapifier as one of your first actions (in addition to setting up a good antivirus application) can give your new system a fresh and uncluttered start free of software junk. And if you have had your computer for a while, you can benefit from letting this program scan your system and suggest the removal of apps you may not need (and may not even have realized were installed and taking up space!).

Unfortunately, this program is no longer supported by its developers and is no longer updated. In fact, you can't even find the download link on their site anymore. The last released version can be downloaded elsewhere, but it actually doesn't work as advertised. The version linked above is to an older edition of the app.

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