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A Full Review of PC App Store, a Free Software Updater

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Baidu's PC App Store is a free software updater that automatically scans your computer for outdated software and then notifies you of what programs need updated, among some other awesome features.

Because PC App Store is an entire suite, it also includes things like a free store where you can download software and games, as well as an uninstaller tool that removes programs you no longer want.

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Note: This review is of PC App Store version Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About PC App Store

  • Runs on Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Updates are downloaded within the PC App Store program itself so you don't have to visit a website to download the update yourself
  • The size of the download, version number of the update, and date of the release are shown in PC App Store
  • A changelog is shown for each program, which tells you what features are new in the updated version
  • PC App Store can be configured to automatically remove the setup files for updates you've downloaded, helping to keep your computer free from unnecessary clutter
  • The percentage of PC App Store users that have updated a particular program is shown alongside an update so you can quickly determine if you, too, might want to update
  • Also included in PC App Store is an automatic Desktop wallpaper changer, an entire app store of free applications and games, plus a program uninstaller
  • PC App Store is maintained by the same developers as the popular virus scanning program Baidu Antivirus

PC App Store Pros & Cons

All the necessary features that should be in a software updater are available in PC App Store:


  • Easy to use
  • Installs quickly
  • Scans for updates automatically
  • Bulk downloads
  • Bulk installs
  • Doesn't restrict download speeds
  • Automatically resumes interrupted downloads
  • Can ignore updates
  • Finds updates for some paid programs as well


  • Doesn't show the version number of installed software (only their updates)

My Thoughts on PC App Store

PC App Store works really great and is super easy to use. It's certainly the best software updater I've ever worked with. Even though the program has many extra features, I still think this should be your first choice when looking for such a tool.

Because PC App Store supports bulk downloading, you can download all the updates at once with one click. You don't have to manually find the updates online and you don't even have to click "Update" next to each individual program that you want updated. All the setup files will open one after another once each program has been installed, which is really nice considering you can sometimes lose a download file once you've saved it to your computer.

As I mentioned above, one thing I don't like is that PC App Sore doesn't show the version number of the installed program. All it shows is the version number of the updated version of the software, but not the version you currently have installed.

I mention this because sometimes it's helpful to see what version you're coming from before performing an update.

Some other free program updaters do include the current version number in their list of outdated software and I'm sure PC App Store could as well with a future update of its own. We'll see.

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