Patreon Is Adding Video Hosting to the Platform

The company is getting more self-reliant

Patreon plans to add video hosting to its platform, along with its own video player, to give creators more opportunities. 

According to The Verge, Patreon CEO Jack Conte said the company is focusing on allowing any creator to directly upload a video to their page without using a third-party application. This move would be a huge change since, right now, creators can only host or share videos on their page through YouTube or Vimeo, but uploading directly to the platform would undoubtedly allow for a more effortless user experience. 

Woman recording video

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Conte did not provide a clear timeline on when a native video product would debut on the platform. Lifewire reached out to Patreon to find out more information but has not yet received a response.

In the past, Patreon has been reliant on other platforms to provide certain content, but the move to host its own video player proves the company is working on becoming more self-reliant. Last year, Patreon partnered with podcast company, Acast, so creators can offer subscribers exclusive podcasts on their pages. 

Patreon has become a popular destination for all types of creators since it allows them to get paid through a subscription service for their work by providing rewards and perks to subscribers. 

The creator membership platform has grown exponentially since it first debuted in 2013. According to Backlinko, Patreon has six million active monthly users, known as patrons, including more than 200,000 creators supported by at least one patron. In addition, the number of patrons has increased by 50% over the last year alone. 

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