Learn the Basics of Password Protecting Your Access 2007 Database

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Adding an extra layer of security to Microsoft Access is easy with a password. Yuri_Arcurs / Getty Images
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Click the Microsoft Office Button

Password protecting an Access database secures the sensitive data from prying eyes. This article walks you through the process of encrypting a database and protecting it with a password.
You'll need to open the database using a special procedure to ensure there are no other users currently working in the database. The first step is to click the Microsoft Office button.
This feature is only available if you're using Microsoft Office Access 2007 and your database is in ACCDB format.

These instructions are for Access 2007. If you are using a later version of Access, read Password Protecting an Access 2010 Database or Password Protecting an Access 2013 Database.

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Select Open From the Office Menu

The open dialog in Access 2007
Mike Chapple

Choose Open from the Office menu.

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Open the Database in Exclusive Mode

Opening a database in exclusive mode
Opening a database in exclusive mode. Mike Chapple

Open the database you want to encrypt and click it once. Then, instead of just clicking the Open button, click the downward arrow icon to the right of the button. Choose Open Exclusive to open the database in exclusive mode.

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Selecting Encryption

Selecting Encryption
Selecting Encryption. Mike Chapple

From the Database Tools tab, double-click on the Encrypt with Password option.

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Set a Database Password

Setting a database password
Setting a database password. Mike Chapple

Choose a strong password for your database and enter it in both the Password and Verify boxes in the Set Database Password dialog box.
After you click OK, the database is encrypted. This process may take a while depending on the size of the database. The next time you open the database, you'll be prompted to enter the password before accessing it.