Got a New Android? Here's What to Do With Your Old Device

You could even earn some money while you're at it

Chances are, you have at least one old Android smartphone collecting dust in a drawer, tossed aside after an upgrade. Chances are, you probably more than one lying around, as manufacturers and carriers make it easier and less costly to upgrade your smartphone every year. Whether you're getting the latest Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or another Android model, you need a plan for your old smartphone, or you'll start running out of drawer space. Of course, you don't want it sitting in a landfill either. Even smartphones that are several years old have some value--and at the very least, can be recycled.

Here are six ways to unload your old Android, including repurposing it, donating it, or even selling it for cash or credit towards a new device.

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Trade it in

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If you're about to upgrade, find out if your carrier will buy back your old smartphone. For example, Verizon will give you a gift card that you can use for future purchases. T-Mobile has an online calculator where you can find out how much your smartphone is worth--it will even buy you out of your old contract if you're switching carriers.

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Donate it

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Many charities will accept donations of old phones, such as Cell Phones for Soldiers and HopeLine from Verizon Wireless. Cell Phones for Soldiers sells old phones to recyclers and uses the proceeds to provide soldiers overseas with calling cards so they can keep in touch with their families. HopeLine refurbishes or recycles the phones it receives and then donates phones and airtime to domestic violence victims and provides funding for various prevention programs.

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Gift it

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Think about giving your old smartphone to someone who needs it in your life: you'll put a smile on their face and give your phone new life. Maybe your child is ready for their first smartphone, but not a brand new one. Perhaps your best friend just shattered the screen on his uninsured smartphone. You get the idea. 

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Repurpose it

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Another option is to keep your old smartphone around and use it for just one task. For example, keep your old smartphone in the kitchen for searching for recipes on the fly, while protecting your new device away from spills and other cooking calamities. Likewise, you can also dedicate an old smartphone to battery-hungry gaming, so your new phone can be charged up when you need it for other business.

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Sell it

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Need some money? Sell your old Android device. Lots of websites will buy your old smartphone, such as, or you can list it on eBay, Amazon, or another marketplace. Compare a few different options to see where you can earn the most cash. While you're at it, gather up all your old electronics and see what they're worth.  

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Recycle it

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Electronics recycling has become more prevalent, so it's easier to unload your old devices without guilt. Find out what the regulations are in your area, and look for nearby recycling events. Many big box stores like Best Buy and Staples will recycle your devices for you. It may take some research, but it's well worth it.