How to Make a Skype Conference Call

Doctor video conferencing with multiple people with pictures of human heart on computer monitors in front of her

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A Skype conference call is a session where many people can communicate at the same time, using either voice or video. Free voice conference calls allow up to 25 participants and video calls allow no more than 4. Those using the latest version of Windows can join a video conference call with up to 25 participants. 

Bandwidth Requirements

It is important to note that inadequate bandwidth (internet connection speed) will cause the conference call to decrease in quality and even to fail. Make sure you have at least 1MB per participant. If one of the participants has a slow connection, the conference may be disturbed. Before inviting people, take into consideration the number of people you can accommodate with regards to your bandwidth, and also consider to invite only those who have what it takes to participate in the call. 

Who Can Participate

Any Skype registered user can participate in a conference call. The host of the conference call, who is the person initiating the call, has to invite the different contacts to the call. Once they accept, they are in.

To start a conference call and add people to it, select one of the contacts you want to add to the call. It can be anyone in your contact list. When you click on the contact's name, the right side panel of the screen will show their details and some options. Click the green button that initiates a call. Once they answer, you call starts. Now you can add more people from your contact list by clicking the + button at the bottom of the screen and select more participants. 

Can someone who is not invited join? Yes, they can, as long as the call host accepts. They call the host, who will be prompted to accept or reject the call.

Also, people not using Skype, but using another phone service, like a mobile phone, a landline phone, or a VoIP service, can join a meeting. Such user will of course not have the Skype interface and not use their Skype accounts, but they can dial the host’s SkypeIn number (which is paid). The host may also invite the non-Skype user using SkypeOut, in which case the former incurs the calling cost.

Merging Calls

You can also merge calls. Say you are on two different calls at the same time and you want everyone to be talking about the same thing on one call, go to the Recent tab and drag any one of the calls and drop it on the other. The calls will be merged. 


If you make frequent group calls with the same group of people, you can set up a group on Skype and have these contacts into it. Next time you start a conference call, you can just start the call right away with the group.

Removing a Participant

If you are not satisfied with a participant, if for any reason you want someone removed from the call, it is easy for you if you are the host. Right-click and click remove