Paramount+ and Showtime Apple TV Bundle Ending

Users haven't heard from Apple or anyone else

Users subscribed to the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle via Apple TV are seeing billing issues when trying to pay for their subscription, suggesting the deal has come to an end.

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The bundle launched on August 17, 2020 via the Apple TV app, MacRumors notes, giving subscribers access to both Paramount+  and Showtime for $9.99 a month. The bundle was discontinued for new subscribers in February ahead of the Paramount+ launch, however, existing subscribers were able to enjoy it until now.

If someone wants to continue having both streaming services without the bundle, they will potentially pay a total of $20.98 per month, nearly double the original deal.

Reports and complaints have started to pile up on forums throughout the internet, from Reddit to Twitter to the MacRumors forums. Users started to notice when they tried to renew but failed. Their accounts list the bundle as “expired.”

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Responses from customer support vary from user to user. The original Reddit poster mentions that customer support confirmed the bundle was only for a year, but “wish[es] there was some other public info about this.” Another user who talked to Apple support said, according to the agent, the bundle should not have been canceled and will try to get it fixed. Meanwhile another user confirms the bundle is ending. Either way, it seems that Apple’s messaging is inconsistent.

Neither Apple nor ViacomCBS (the owner of both Paramount+ and Showtime) have made an official statement. While it’s possible that it is a glitch of some sort, it's likely the bundle is officially over.

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