Paragon Partition Manager CE

A Full Review of Paragon Partition Manager CE

Paragon Partition Manager CE (Community Edition) is a free partition management software tool for Windows that will format, delete, resize, and hide partitions

Because this is a free version of Paragon Partition Manager, there are a number of limitations but it's certainly usable for a variety of basic partition tasks.

Paragon Partition Manager 17 CE

Keep reading for more information about this free disk partitioning tool and what I thought about it after trying it out.

Paragon Partition Manager CE Pros & Cons

There aren't as many features in this program as in similar tools I've looked at:


  • Really easy to use
  • Supports basic partition edits
  • Changes can be set up to apply only after you've submitted them
  • Undo and redo changes before applying them


  • Lots of features are disabled in this free edition
  • Large setup file
  • Doesn't support as wide a variety of file systems as competing tools
  • Free for personal use only

More About Paragon Partition Manager CE

  • Can be installed on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7
  • Volumes can be converted to the FAT32, NTFS, or HFS file system
  • Can mark partitions as active or inactive
  • Supports enlarging the system partition without having to restart the computer to apply the changes
  • An option lets the computer shut down automatically after applying changes
  • NTFS partitions can be expanded without having to reboot
  • Includes a volume label and drive letter changer
  • The size of a partition can be manipulated through a simple slider button as well as by entering in the size manually
  • A drive integrity check can be ran
  • Lots of features are disabled in this free version like being able to migrate the operating system to a different drive, merging/splitting partitions, wiping data, and backing up disks.

My Thoughts on Paragon Partition Manager CE

One thing I like about Paragon Partition Manager CE is that it can be set up to apply changes only after you've submitted them. This is a very common feature among disk partitioning tools because it lets you schedule a number of actions and then apply them consecutively in one swipe, saving lots of time. You can, however, disable this feature if you'd prefer to have everything happen immediately after you make the change.

Another thing I like is when deleting a partition, you're required to confirm it by checking a box and then hitting a Delete button. This is an excellent safety feature, helping to prevent you from accidentally choosing the wrong drive. Yikes.

It's too bad that there are lots of features that only work if you upgrade Paragon Partition Manager. Not only do the inactive buttons clutter up the interface, most are freely available in other software. For example, migrating an OS to a new hard drive and copying partitions between drives is a feature found in other programs like EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition and MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition.