Paradigm's CI Home, Pro, Elite In-Wall Speakers

Examples of Paradigm's CI Home Series In-Wall, In-Ceiling Speakers
Examples of Paradigm's CI Home Series In-Wall, In-Ceiling Speakers. Image provided by Paradigm

In order to experience home theater surround sound at its best, as part of your setup you need at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer. However, depending on your room size, room decor, and SAF (spouse acceptance factor), finding the right speakers that look good, sound good, and don't take up a lot of space may be challenging.

However, one solution may be to opt for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. If you are looking into the option of installing In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers as part of your home theater setup, Canada-Based Paradigm has some choices that are definitely worth checking out in their custom-install speaker line-up.

The speakers in these lines can be used in traditional surround sound setups, but where it is desired for all the speakers to be hidden, as well as being a great match for those that are jumping on board with Dolby Atmos or Auro 3D Audio), where sound coming from overhead is needed.

Also, for those looking for high-quality multi-room, business, or education audio installations, where providing music-listening and announcements may be desired, but hiding the speakers are desirable, the speakers in the Paradigm line are also ones to consider.

Paradigm's in-wall/in-ceiling line-up consists of a total of 26 speakers grouped in three series categories.

CI Home Series

First up, Paradigm's CI Home Line replaces their now-discontinued CS line. All of the speakers in this new line incorporate a bezel free design with magnetically attachable/detachable grills, ferrofluid dampened titanium dome tweeters, and mineral-filled polypropylene bass/mid-range cones.

For ease of installation, the speaker enclosures also include pocketed screw holes. The CI Home offers 5 circular in-ceiling models and 3 in-ceiling models are being offered, and are priced from $199 to $329.

For detailed specifications on each model, refer to the Paradigm CI Home Series Page

CI Pro Series

This series is designed to replace Paradigm's phased-out AMS in-ceiling/in-wall line and incorporates many of the design features of the CI Home Series, but changes out the titanium dome tweeter with X-PAL aluminum-based tweeter construction, as well as incorporating active ridge surrounds to allow for more extensive driver motion.

In addition, the CI Pro Series provides sturdier construction with die-cast aluminum chassis and clamps, as well as die-cast aluminum baffles. The CI Pro Series offers 4 circular in-ceiling models priced from $379 to $499, and 5 in-wall rectangular models are offered from $379 to $1,999. The rectangular models come in both single-channel and LCR (Left/Center/Right) channel configurations, which provides additional installation flexibility as, as the LCR designation indicates, the left, center, and right front channel speakers are incorporated into one rectangular speaker assembly.

For detailed specifications on each model, refer to the Paradigm CI Pro Series Page

CI Elite Series

Paradigm's CI Elite series takes the technologies incorporated in the CI Pro Series up one more notch by adding oversized voice coils, which allow for greater power handling capability, as well as X-PAL pure aluminum woofers cones, which provides construction that is sturdy and light, producing more consistent sound reproduction.

The CI Elite Series offers 3 circular in-ceiling models priced from $479 to $699, and 4 in-wall rectangular models offered from $679 to $3,499. The rectangular models come in both single-channel and LCR (Left/Center/Right) channel configurations.

For detailed specifications on each model, refer to the the Paradigm CI Elite Series Page

In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speaker Installation Tips

Installing in-ceiling and/or in-wall speakers can be a great option as you can get rid of all those speaker boxes taking up valuable floor space - and not having them distract from your room decor.

However, you also have to keep in mind that you will be running wires through the walls and ceiling. Also, once you install the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, you are stuck with those holes. In addition, it is important that you have made the correct installation decisions based on your room's physical and acoustical characteristics (flat ceilings and closed rectangular walls are best), as well as seating position, and TV or projection screen placement.

To find out more if in-ceiling or in-wall speakers are the right solution for your home theater setup, I always advise consulting a local independent home theater dealer/installer before your start cutting holes in your ceiling or walls.