Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Flat Screen Speaker System

The Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio provides a space-saving speaker solution

Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio - Front Grill Off
Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio - Front Grill Off. Image provided by Paradigm

If you are looking for new set of loudspeakers for your home theater, you might want to check out the stylish, and great sounding Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Loudspeaker.

This speaker system combines all three front channel speakers (the LCR designation stands for left, center, and right) into one 41-inch long housing that is attractive and designed for wall mounting. The Millenia 20 Trio complements flat panel LCD/Plasma/OLED TVs and can be used alone, or combined with a subwoofer and/or a set of surround speakers.

NOTE: The Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Loudspeaker looks like a soundbar but unlike most soundbars, it requires connection to a home theater receiver for amplification and source access. However, just as you would with separate speakers, this LCR speaker can also be combined, via a home theater receiver, with a subwoofer (recommended) and a set of surround speakers.

Testing Setup

For this review, the Millenia 20 Trio was used in three different types of setups:

1. As a single, standalone (L, C, R) speaker system.

2. As a standalone speaker system, combined with a separate subwoofer Klipsch Synergy Sub10).

3. Same as setup #2, but adding two left and right surround speakers (Klipsch Synergy B3).

In all setups, the Millenia 20 Trio was shelf mounted with open sides and clear top space.

Audio Performance

The Millenia 20 Trio was very good with both music and movie sources, providing excellent midrange vocal and dialog presence, as well as providing a credible left and right channel sound image.

Although the left and right channel sound image are not as wide as placing separate left and right speakers at a wider distance from the center channel, the left and right channel sound image did project away from the physical speaker system housing to produce a sound image with great detail and depth.

Using the Millenia 20 Trio with additional surround sound speakers and a subwoofer provided a very good alternative for a small room home theater setup that might normally have separate front left, center, and right channel speakers. 

Another aspect of the Millenia 20 Trio's performance is that it is light with regards to upper bass frequency response. According to the automatic speaker setup parameter results from my receivers, the Millenia 20 Trio has a functional low-end frequency cutoff point of about 120HZ, which is common for this type of speaker system. It is suggested to use the Millenia 20 Trio with an additional subwoofer if you want a deep bass response.

On the other hand, the Millenia 20 Trio has good presence and depth in the midrange. Front dialog staging in films was very good, and vocals on music material offered a lot of depth. Some good vocal examples were cuts from CDs by Norah Jones (Come Away With Me), Al Stewart (A Beach Full of Shells), and Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon).

Although the Millenia 20 Trio performs very well and does provide separation between the left, center, and right channel sounds that go beyond its physical left and right borders, it must be pointed out that using this approach to the front left, center, and right channel speaker setup does yield a slightly different surround imaging result than having independent speakers, especially in a large room.

If you replace a separate set of separate left, center, and right channel speaker with the Millenia 20 Trio in a large room in combination with surround speakers that are placed far apart, you may notice that while the rear surround image will still maintain a wide sound field, you will experience a narrowing of the surround image with sounds that are combined both the front left and right and surround speakers. This may be noticeable with the rear to front sound movement.

Millenia 20 Trio - Pros

  • Great Sound - Very clear and distinct midrange and highs.
  • Comes with what you need for wall mounting.
  • 41-inch width fits matches well with TVs with screen sizes ranging from 37 to 50-inches.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate left, center, right front channel speakers in a small room home theater setup.
  • Easy-to-Use, excellent quality, push-in speaker wire connectors.

Millenia 20 Trio - Cons

  • Not a substitute for a multi-channel surround sound speaker system in a large room.
  • Need to use a subwoofer for best full-range frequency listening.
  • Although it looks like a soundbar, connection to an external home theater receiver or amplifier is required.

What The Millenia 20 Trio Includes

  • Design: 9-driver, 3-channel (2-way center; 2-1/2-way Left and Right) acoustic suspension (this means the cabinet is sealed), on-wall/shelf-mounted, magnetically shielded for home theater use.
  • Crossover: 2.0 kHz, 800 Hz (bass drivers on the left and right channels).
  • Tweeters: Three 25-mm (1 in) domes, die-cast chassis, ferro-fluid cooled.
  • Midrange/Mid-Bass Drivers: Four 115-mm (4-1/2 in) MLP™ cones, 25-mm (1 in) dual-layer voice coils.
  • Bass Drivers: Two 115-mm (4-1/2 inch) mineral-filled polypropylene cones, 25-mm (1 in) dual-layer voice coils.
  • Frequency Response: On-Axis ±2 dB from 120 Hz - 20 kHz, 30° Off-Axis ±2 dB from 120 Hz - 18 kHz, Low-Frequency Extension: 80 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB, Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms.
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 15-150 Watts - Maximum Input Power: 90 watts
  • Height: 5-1/8 in, Width: 41-5/16 in, Depth: 4-3/4 in, Weight: 18 pounds
  • Available Finishes: Polished Aluminum, Black Chrome.

The Bottom Line

The Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Speaker System delivered clear sound across a wide range of frequencies and provided well-balanced left, center, right sound image.

The Millenia 20 Trio is a single housing, about 41-inches long, that includes the Left, Center, and Right channel speakers. However, despite this design, the Millenia 20 Trio supplied a good Left/Center/Right image. The sounds from the left and right channels projected to the sides beyond the physical length of the speaker. Also, the center channel portion delivered a very good vocal and dialog presence from both music and movie source material.

The different types of setups used in this review yielded different results with regards to surround imaging and bass depth. However, as far as sound quality goes, this speaker system worked well alone, or as part of larger system. I must be noted that the Millenia 20 Trio, when used alone, will not provide the more enveloping surround sound environment as when using additional surround sound speakers. However, in a space-saving setup, this system delivers a wide soundstage with good detail. The Millenia 20 Trio can easily be used in a small-to-medium sized room and is a great design and size match for use with a 42inch or slightly larger TV.

Using this system is very enjoyable - it performed better than expected.

Although Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio was introduced in 2009, a good speaker doesn't go out of style, and the Trio is still available through authorized Paradigm dealers as of 2018. Check out the Official Product Page for more info and current pricing.