Pandora Recovery v2

A Full Review of Pandora Recovery, a Free Data Recovery Tool

Pandora Recovery v2.2.1 in Windows 8

Pandora Recovery is an excellent free data recovery software tool.

While Pandora Recovery's interface can look a little cluttered and complicated, the wizard included with the program is the easiest to use and understand, better than any other wizard I've seen in an undelete program.

In addition to the awesome wizard, another worthwhile feature in Pandora Recovery is a Surface Scan method which can help recover many kinds of files from drives that have been formatted.

This isn't a unique ability among the better free undelete software programs but it is a powerful feature worth mentioning.

Keep reading for more on Pandora Recovery or see How to Recover Deleted Files for a complete tutorial on restoring files you've accidentally deleted.

Pandora Recovery is no longer an updated product. However, it has been merged with Disk Drill, another freeware file recovery program. You can still download Pandora Recovery for free using the links on this page, but it won't be updated any longer.

Pandora Recovery Pros & Cons

Other than the lack of a portable version, Pandora Recovery is a great tool:


  • Relatively small download
  • Easy to use wizard
  • Recovers data from almost any connected storage device
  • Color coded and percentage indicators for recovery likelihood


  • Must be installed on computer - no portable version
  • Prompted to install browser toolbar during program installation

More Information on Pandora Recovery

Here are some more details on Pandora Recovery:

  • Supports most file systems in most Windows versions, including Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7
  • Includes advanced filtering options that make it really simple to find the file you're after
  • You can browse through the files Pandora Recover is able to recover
  • Another way to find files you want to undelete is to use the Search section, which lets you search by file name (either a name that's similar to or exactly the same as what you want to recover), file size (between X and X KB), and/or the date the file was created or last modified
  • Before restoring a file, you can see its size, file extension, creation and modification date, and what percentage of the file has already been overwritten by other data (the higher the percentage, the less likely you'll find use in the recovered file since it will have mostly been overwritten with unrelated data)

My Thoughts on Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a very good free file recovery program, especially if you're fond of software wizards or if another free undelete software tool hasn't worked out for some reason.

Unfortunately, unlike some better free undelete programs out there, Pandora Recovery must be installed. Ideally, you wouldn't have to install it but could instead run the program from the download itself. This kind of software is often called portable software. Installing software, or saving any kind of data to your hard drive or other storage device you're recovering from, decreases the chance that you'll be able to recover data from it because you may be overwriting the physical space that the file once occupied.

If Pandora Recovery sounds like something you'd appreciate using then be sure to give this program a try. Otherwise, give one of the higher ranking free file recovery software programs a try like Recuva or Glary Undelete.