Pandora Radio Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Pandora Radio

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Pandora Radio originates from the Music Genome Project which was first realized in 1999 by Tim Westergren and Will Glazer. The initial idea was to create a complex mathematical-based system that could classify and group similar music using an array of 'virtual genes'. The system today is reported to use around 400 different genes in its genome in order to accurately identify music tracks and organize them in a relational way.

What Type of Music Service is Pandora Radio and How Does it Work?

Pandora Radio is classified as a personalized music service. Rather than simply listening to radio stations (Web radio) that broadcast pre-compiled playlists over the Internet, Pandora's music library uses the patented Music Genome Project to recommend songs based on your input. It gets this from your feedback when you either click the like or dislike button for a song.

Can I Get Pandora Radio in My Country?

Compared to other digital music services that stream, Pandora Radio has a very small foot print on the global stage. Currently, the service is only available in the United States; it was shut down in Australia and New Zealand in 2017.

Can I Access Pandora Radio From my Mobile Device?

Pandora Radio currently offers good support for streaming content to several mobile platforms. This includes: iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android, Blackberry, and WebOS.

Does Pandora Radio Offer a Free Account?

Yes, you can listen for free without having to pay a subscription for Pandora Plus or Premium account. However, there are limitations to be aware of if choosing this route. The first one is that you'll notice songs come with short advertisements. This is so Pandora Radio can afford to keep this free option going by slipstreaming ads that generate some revenue every time they are played.

The other limitation in using the free Pandora Radio account is song skip limits. Currently there is a maximum number of times you can use the skip feature in order to go to the next song. For the free account you can only skip 6 times per hour in any one station with a total skip limit of 12 for the day. If you hit this limit you'll need to wait for this to be reset. This is done after midnight so you'll need to wait until then before you can use the service again.

If you're a light user, you may find that these limitations are quite tolerable. However, to really use Pandora Radio to its fullest you might want to consider paying for one of the paid services which will give you a lot more functionality and better quality streams.

What Audio Format and Bitrate Does Pandora Radio Use to Stream Songs?

Audio streams are compressed using the AACPlus format. If you are using Pandora Radio for free then the bitrate is set at 128 kbps. However, if subscribing to Pandora One, high quality streams will be available that deliver the music at 192 kbps.

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