Guide to Pandora Internet Music Streaming

All About The Pandora Music Streaming Service

Pandora is one of the most popular internet music streaming services. Check out everything you need to know about Pandora, including some great tips and tricks to making a your own personal music library that you can access on a variety of internet connected devices and your home theater system.

Pandora Music Streaming Service Basics

Pandora began as a streaming music service on your computer but has expanded to be one of the services found on many network media players, media streamers and network TVs, Blu-ray players, AV receivers and many more devices for the home. With 75 million users and growing at three million more per month, it seems that most people have at least heard of Pandora.  Still, here are the details about Pandora, why you might want to choose to use Pandora to listen to online music, and why you'll want to upgrade to Pandora's premium service -- Pandora One. Read all about it.

How Pandora Works: Customizing Pandora Stations - Part One

The Pandora music service creates stations based on a song or artist that you like. With Pandora stations it is possible to listen to endless hours of music that you love, and which perfectly suits your mood. Pandora has labeled 800,000 songs for its "music genome" - that is, breaking down the musical qualities that Pandora considers its DNA. For more details, continue reading How to Customize Pandora Stations - Part One

How Pandora Works: How to Customizing Pandora Stations - Part Two

In Part One of Tips and Tricks on Creating the Perfect Personalized Pandora Station, we covered how Pandora chooses music and the basics tools for shaping what music is played.  Check out more station customizing tips and tricks on using Pandora in Part Two.