The Panasonic PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 DLP Projectors

Panasonic PT-RZ470 Video Projector
Panasonic PT-RZ470 Video Projector. Image Provided by Panasonic

Dateline 6/15/2012
Updated 2/26/13
Updated 11/02/15

The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 are the entries in Panasonic's video projector line that are optimized for use business, educational, and medical settings, but also have some features that home theater fans will like.

Before getting to the traditional features offered on each projector, let's take a look at two cutting edge features that make these projectors standout.

LED/Laser Light Source

The first notable feature of both these projectors is the incorporation of LED and Laser Diode light source technology, instead of a traditional lamp. This innovation makes it possible for the projectors to run for 20,000 hours, which means no more periodic lamp replacement, as well as providing both instant on and instant off operation. Also, the LED and Laser Diode assemblies take up less space and use less power, making the projectors more form factor and ECO-friendly.


The second innovative feature that is also included in both projectors is HDBaseT connectivity (which Panasonic refers to as Digital Link). While the projectors have a traditional connection layout that includes HDMI, DVI, PC monitor and both audio in/out 3.5mm loop through connections, they also include a Ethernet/LAN port that allows the projectors to receive audio, video, still images, and control signals over a single Cat5e or 6 cable. By connecting all your sources to an optional break out box and having just a single cable going to the projector, installation is greatly simplified, especially where the projector is ceiling mounted or the projector is located a long distance from source devices.

Traditional Projector Features and Specifications Shared by the PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370

Both projectors utilize a single DLP chip, have a 1080p native pixel resolution, have a very bright 3,500 lumens output (bright enough for some daylight viewing conditions), and have the DICOM Simulation mode.

For installation and operational convenience, both projectors feature a center mounted lens design, can both table and ceiling mounted (either in front or behind the screen), and is equipped with extensive horizontal (+27%/-35%) and vertical (+73%/-48%) lens shift control as well as vertical (±40°) keystone correction. The projected image size range for each projector is from 40 to 300 inches (16x9 Aspect Ratio).

Side mounted onboard controls, as well as a wireless remote are provided. In addition, both projectors are compatible with a variety of custom installation control protocols. In addition, all of the audio, video, and external control connections are mounted are side mounted on the projectors.

On the other hand, neither projector provides not a power zoom or focus function, zoom and focus must be performed using the manual focus ring on the projector.

Added Features on the PT-RZ470

The PT-RZ470 also provides additional features over the PT-RZ370, such as both 2D and 3D display (active glasses and 3D emitter required), edge blending (which allows two more projectors to be used to create a panoramic image display with seamless edges between the individual images used in creating the panorama), color matching, and a portrait image setting that can be used in commercial display (such as museum photos, restaurant menus, or trade show displays).

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