Troubleshoot Panasonic Mirrorless Camera Error Messages


If you experience a problem with your mirrorless Panasonic digital interchangeable lens camera (ILC), it’s likely your frustration level will skyrocket. No one wants to see an expensive piece of equipment malfunction.

Fortunately, Panasonic mirrorless cameras are pretty reliable pieces of gear, almost certainly giving you hours of error-free operation. On the occasion that you do end up having a issue, you may receive a benefit if the ILC gives you a clue as to the problem by displaying an error message on the LCD screen.

Be certain to take note of the error message, which will make it easier to figure out the exact problem. Then use these tips to fix your mirrorless Panasonic interchangeable lens camera!.

  • Charge lamp flashing. If the battery temperature is running too high, the battery may not be able to charge fully, causing the charge lamp to flash. Make sure the metal contacts on the battery are not dirty or smudged; if they are, use a dry cloth to clean them.
  • The flash is not open. With many Panasonic mirrorless cameras, you must open the flash unit manually, usually by pressing a button near the flash. If you’re trying to shoot a photo where the camera thinks it needs to use a flash, you may see this error message on the screen.
  • Memory card locked. Any error message that mentions the memory card typically can be solved by examining the memory card closely. If you’re using an SD memory card, which is the most common type of memory card used today, make sure the write protect switch is slid upward to unlock the card and allow the Panasonic mirrorless camera to write data to the card. If the switch is in the lock position, you may see this message. Otherwise you may need to format the memory card using the Panasonic mirrorless camera, just to ensure the camera is able to install a file system on the card that is compatible with this model. Download any photos on the card before formatting it, though, as the formatting process will erase all data on the card.
  • Picture is flashing black and white. With this problem, the camera’s “highlight” function has been turned on, and the blinking is showing the overexposed areas of the photo. To stop the blinking, turn the “highlight” function to off. Or if you want to avoid having your photos end up with overexposed areas, try to avoid shooting images that have areas of high contrasted lighting.
  • Subject cannot be locked. Most of the time, this is an autofocus problem. If the subject’s primary color is similar to the background color, for example, the autofocus might not be able to lock. In this case, try locking the focus onto a portion of the subject that is a contrasting color, and then frame the photo again.
  • Taking pictures is not possible. Most of the time, this error occurs when the Panasonic mirrorless ILC is set to “focus priority” mode, and the camera cannot quite achieve sharp focus. Without a sharp focus in this mode, the camera cannot shoot photos. You either need to make sure the focus is sharp or you need to turn off “focus priority” to shoot the picture. Additionally, check the connection from the lens to the camera, and make sure it is tight and that the lens is screwed onto the camera properly.
  • Thumbnail is displayed. This error message usually means the Panasonic mirrorless camera cannot display the selected picture at full size, usually because the photo was shot with a different camera. You’ll have to download the photo to your computer to view it at full size.