How to Pair a Logitech Mouse

Connect a Logitech wireless or Bluetooth mouse with a PC

What to Know

  • Wireless (non-Bluetooth): Connect the wireless receiver to the USB port on the PC and switch on the mouse. 
  • Bluetooth: Go to Settings > Bluetooth & other devices > Add device > Bluetooth.
  • A Logitech mouse pairs with one wireless receiver at a time, though there are workarounds. 

This article covers how to pair a Logitech mouse with your computer, including using Bluetooth for the pairing and how to pair with the Logitech Unifying software or Connection Utility software.

How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Mouse With Your PC

Unpack the Logitech mouse from its box and insert a battery into the mouse. Always make sure you align the batteries in the right direction. Misalignment with the positive and negative contacts is a simple mistake. 

  1. The mouse comes with a small Bluetooth receiver. Take the USB receiver and plug it into one of your computer’s open USB slots. 

    Logitech mouse wireless receiver


  2. The mouse will connect automatically. The wireless receiver is displayed as USB Receiver in the list of Bluetooth devices. 

    USB receiver for Logitech wireless mouse in Windows 10
  3. Slide the power switch on the body of the mouse to turn it on. 

    Logitech Wireless mouse buttons


  4. Move the mouse around the screen and check if mouse speed and sensitivity are optimized for your use. 


Some wireless Logitech mice can have a small Connect button on the base. Switch it on after plugging in the wireless receiver. 

How to Pair a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse With Your PC

A Bluetooth mouse doesn’t come with a wireless receiver. The setup for this type of mouse is like pairing any other Bluetooth device with your Bluetooth-enabled PC. 

Unpack the Logitech Bluetooth mouse and insert the battery. Use the switch on the mouse to turn it on. 

The instructions below apply specifically to Windows 11, but the steps are similar for all versions of Windows.

  1. Go to the Start Menu and select Settings. Alternatively, press Windows key + I to open Settings with the keyboard shortcut.

    Settings app in Windows 11 Start menu
  2. Select Bluetooth & other devices in the left pane, then select Add device. Enable the Bluetooth switch if it's off.

    In Windows 10, go to Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device.

    Bluetooth & device and Add device in Windows 11 Settings
  3. Select Bluetooth in the Add a device window.

    Bluetooth in Add a device window in Windows 11 settings
  4. In the list of Bluetooth devices, select the Logitech device you want to connect to and choose Pair. Windows automatically detects the mouse and adds the relevant drivers.

Can I Pair Logitech Mouse With Another Receiver?

A Logitech wireless mouse can pair with one receiver at a time. So, you cannot pair a Logitech wireless mouse with another receiver if you lose one of these tiny plugs. But there are two workarounds offered by Logitech if you lose the original receiver. 

Use the Logitech Unifying Software

Purchase the Unifying USB receiver from Logitech. The dongle gives you the benefit of connecting six wireless devices to one receiver. The wireless devices from Logitech should support the Unifying technology. Look for the orange Unifying logo. 

Do note that a mouse works with one receiver at a time. So, it will no longer work with its original receiver if you pair it with a Logitech Unifying receiver.

Use the Logitech Connection Utility

The Logitech Connection Utility is a simple executable software that can help you pair a Logitech mouse with another receiver. Follow the simple on-screen instructions—switch the slider off and on to sync the Logitech wireless mouse with a different receiver.  

The Logitech Connection Utility is Windows-only software. Do note it might not work with all Logitech mouse models.

Bluetooth vs. Wireless Mice

A Bluetooth mouse and a wireless mouse are both “wireless.” But they differ in the way they connect with the computer. A wireless mouse uses a dedicated receiver that plugs into the USB port on the computer, while a Bluetooth mouse uses the computer's Bluetooth antenna to pair with the mouse.

  • How do I enable pairing mode on my mouse?

    Locate the Bluetooth pairing button on your mouse, which is typically a toggle button on the bottom of the device. Turn the switch on and make sure the mouse is on before pairing with a compatible computer or another device.

  • Why won't my Logitech mouse connect?

    On Bluetooth mice, make sure the device and Bluetooth pairing modes are on. Try disabling and enabling Bluetooth on your mouse and computer to see if that clears up the issue. If your device uses a Unifying Receiver and the Unifying Receiver Software can't find your mouse, turn it off and on again to restart the receiver pairing process.

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